What Comes Around Ch 17 bit – Going down


Aladdin coughed, head aching and queasy as if he’d overdone it at a Maharagan. Only wherever they were smelled like mold and cement; not a trace of tropical flowers or sea breezes to ease his stomach. And there was a bony shoulder digging into his side. “Oooow….” Continue reading

Earring Tales – Paimon

….The pinkness. Paimon!


I found some shimmery pink crystals at Hobby Lobby, of all places, and knew I had what I wanted for a pair of Paimon earrings. 🙂 Our Djinn Are Different, indeed.

…Yes, I like fluffy feathers, even if Hakuei needs a bit of a reality check. (Though nobody deserves what’s happened to her in current manga canon. Gah.)

But still. Feathers, wind, and Hakuei is definitely brave, I’ll give her that. So here’s the pinks and gold and pale pinks I thought fit. 🙂