Path of Lava Crossover Ficbit – Tall Tales

Blood always showed true.

Except for Caitiffs, Julian recalled, the thought of Japanese Gangrels bringing another small band of Kindred maintaining the Masquerade in Japan Center to mind. But Caitiffs like Noriyaga Hino are accidents. A weakness of blood in the Embrace. Continue reading


Worldbuilding: Visual Aids

If your characters are having an intense and possibly complicated discussion, don’t be afraid to have them break out visual aids. I know, that’s something more effective in a visual medium like TV and movies. But having them implies your characters have something they can all point to as they argue, and you can still describe the important parts of a diagram, diorama, blueprint, conspiracy board… or map. Continue reading

Path of Lava Crossover Ficbit – Prepare for Low War

Fresh digging near the foot of the fence, where someone would land. Thick planks laid casually by the gate, ready to reinforce it once the dojo closed for the day. Subtle glints of light in the wind; fishing line, woven into a neck-throttling obstacle course for a Garou’s seven-foot-plus Crinos form. And that small, brown-glass bottle of liquid tucked into a toolbox along with more fishing line and duct tape…. Continue reading