3 thoughts on “Buy Books By Me!

  1. Just finished Count Taka. It really wouldn’t be a story by you if we didn’t have Tropers in there, right? XD Love the book immensely. That final fight scene? Gratifyingly chaotic. So sad it’s over.
    Definitely tell us when the next one becomes available, yeah? Any of them. Because, Kae’s words of “How are we gonna top this next year?” is just making me giggle!
    Thank you so much for writing! These stories are such treasures!

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  2. One thing I would have wished had happened differently in A Net of Dawn and Bones is for alchemists to deal their potions like modern day drug dealers, who had to stop using street corners even in bad neighborhoods due to the drug war. Now, they use sites like Silk Road and they don’t really tell you what you’re getting at a tremendous human cost. Of course, I am aware that the potion dealers were not shown, just mentioned on the back.

    And I’d like to see the alchemical equivalent of carfentanil, which is so potent that it puts Spider’s Web to shame. Why not call it telamine?


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