Monstrous Compendium Ch 10 Ficbit – Set to Boil

“Would you want to risk whole villages of innocent people on the chance one werewolf might behave like a civilized guy? I wouldn’t. And I’m one of the guys who goes furry.” Klein knocked a fist lightly against Issin’s shoulder. “’Course, I’d want to track the wolf down, hogtie him, Continue reading

Tell No Tales Progress and a View on Prophecies

First round of edits, I’m through 125 pages of what’s currently 140 pages of Tell No Tales. Currently looking to have this edit round done by the end of the month, after which I’ll get a clean draft printed and start really tearing into it for “need new scenes/details/foreshadow here”.

Now, since I really didn’t expect one throwaway comment in a Monstrous Compendium post to create an ongoing thread of debate… my personal take on prophecies, fictional or otherwise. Continue reading