Things I’d Want to Have in a Zombie Apocalypse: a Quiet Room

Because if you’re hit by a norovirus in the middle of a zpoc, going out to get bitten can seem like a merciful alternative.

Note the “seem like”. Someone in the throes of very unpleasant symptoms can be a bit out of their heads. So when you’re figuring out what spot to take over for your improvised/ long term holdout, consider the interior layout. Is there a quiet interior room – preferably two or three – where you can shove in a fellow survivor who has the sniffles, flu, a horrible case of hangover or a broken heart, until they feel a little more human? Because as sure as people are people, you’re going to need it.

If the room has access to its own bathroom, all the better. No, this is not a luxury. Anyone who thinks it is has just volunteered to be first on clean-up duty. This should not be negotiable.

Seriously. Ill person with their own sink, versus ill person having to share everyone else’s? Logic, people!

Besides bath and quiet, stock with crackers, corn ships, sugar, salt, and plenty of bags and paper towels. Dehydration can kill as quick as zombies.

Also aspirin. Which I’m taking. Shh….


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