Earring Tales: Sindrian General Yamraiha

Another try at a Sindrian General design: in this case, Yamraiha, the magician.

Yam For blog

I wanted to evoke her General’s robe, since – er – in some cases, she isn’t wearing much else. So greens were called for. But I wanted something that looked more like, well, magic than Ja’far’s utilitarian outfit. So instead of white beads and green bugle “trim”, I went for all white bugles and the limeade beads. Plus paradise shine crystals for multicolored magic bubbles/ Borgs. 🙂

I actually didn’t have nearly as many problems putting this pair together as I did Ja’far’s. That may well be because I had a plan for Sharrkan’s set, and put that together afterwards. Get those two fighting each other, they don’t have time to go after someone else….


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