What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – King with No Crown

Do we have enough power for this?

:More than enough, my king.: Amon’s laugh held bright fury, sharp as starlight. :More than enough.:

Alan smiled, that same fury burning through his veins. Because this… this was as dark and twisted an anomaly in the rukh as ever Balbadd had been under the Empire, and he heard the souls of those lost and destroyed crying out for an ending.

No one human left alive in there, he realized, sweeping Amon’s sense of fire rukh through the tower for any last flames of life. Just those… things.


Yeah. Because Callimachus might be a cruel bastard of an alchemist, but he was right. They couldn’t just leave these Life-warping crazies asleep and walk away.

But there’s more than one way to stop them.

Alan raised the black sword high, feeling the seal of the rukh blaze into existence about them. “Spirit of Politeness and Austerity, thou who gives power to kings, bring forth the great hellfire that judges the earth!”

Small hands, shaking Callimachus in death’s grip. “Wake up. Wake up,” Aladdin insisted. “You need to see this.”

So tired. But he tried to blink anyway, because Phaenomena had sucked in a breath beside him, and his compatriot hadn’t even done that for a dragon-


The Fire Prince stood in the sky, an eight-pointed star of magic blazing gold around him. Magma-black and red flames strode through the seal in the shape of a titan of fire, lava-sword blazing as the Fire Prince struck down


22 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 21 bit – King with No Crown

  1. Talk about going out with a bang…no hiding what’s happening here. Aren’t the special effects *wonderful* When’s the movie coming out?

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      1. I would pay big money to read that report. Or lack thereof. I feel like many hands will be thrown up in the air as people try to explain the laws of physics taking a sharp right to Nopesville.
        Maybe the sort of thing that grabs Sam’s attention, hmm?

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  2. Oh, that’s why they need to skip town in a hurry. Yeah, that, that is not subtle. Or quiet. And the military isn’t the only ones who’re going to be screeching about impossibilities. The magic community is also going to be having quiet paroxysms of ‘does not happen.’

    Just had a thought, have any magoi users gone into politics? Like, I can think of a lot of things a corrupt individual can do with mind influencing spells. I’m thinking of things similar to Fairy Tail’s Charm magic, the one that almost snared Lucy until Natsu knocked into her and snapped her out of it.

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    1. Fortunately or unfortunately, the Shays were most of the local magicians in Boston in this AU. (Which may answer your question on politics, ow.) So there aren’t going to be that many on the magical side close enough to get shaken out of a sound sleep by an Extreme Magic going off overhead.

      Anyone with an IR satellite in the vicinity, though, is going to be going “Aaauuuuugh!”

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      1. Yeah, that does answer my question of magic and politics. *wince*

        Mostly though I was thinking of maybe a magician is part of the investigation team, because when there are people as nasty as the Shays around, SOMEONE wants to nail that flayed hide to the wall, either out of competitiveness or righteous fury. So, with the knowledge that the Shays were very uncommon, but knowing that there are groups like the Magnos clan out there, how likely is it that at the very least a dabbler is going to be scratching their head over the mess.

        “It kind of looks like something out of a Sinbad story, but those are myths. It can’t actually *happen.*”

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  3. Ah. So the investigators are basically going to be trying to figure out what could have happened to leave the scene they’ll find. Heh. Just had the thought of a possible proposed explanation: “Special Forces with a bomb-pumped laser?” (And a lot of hallucinogens.)

    As far as magicians going into politics, I imagine that that would be kinda risky for them, since being in the public eye gives lots of opportunity for other magicians to notice you in a bad way. Well, beyond the local level.

    And I imagine that aside from the part of Callimachus that’s going “ohshitohshitohshit”, there’s another part that is going “Squeeeeeeeeee! This can happen! Yay!”

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    1. That’s why Aladdin made sure Callimachus saw it. It’s a lot easier to convince someone to Not Be Evil when you can show them there are other options. 😉

      And heh. Some of them may propose thermite. Which actually isn’t a bad guess, based on the evidence of extreme heat left behind….

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      1. It won’t help that many of the local will sincerely tell you it was a movie stunt. “Seriously, my cousin, who runs the motel on 7th was able to get an autograph from that Sinbad actor guy!”

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      2. “We saw them walking right down the street in costumes! …Who? What do you mean, who? It was Sinbad! And some of his wild desert warriors – what, you mean you didn’t see the one where Sinbad fights the evil Egyptian pirate on the Red Sea to rescue the princess and….” *Cue fannish squealing. And hardened investigators facepalming.*

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  4. I very much think there are several people who are hoping they wore their Brown Pants because HOLY SHIT FIRE PRINCE!

    I see Phaenomena as Officially Quite Impressed, and Callimachus as equal parts “Squee! Magic! Fire Prince! Real Life Myths! Look at all the pretty rukh!” and “Oh shit, I tried to FIGHT that. Eeep! Hindbrain says run away!”

    Meanwhile the IR Satellite freaks WAY out and the people watching it freak out more.

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    1. Oh, and Simon’s “hey, can /I/ do something like that?” Which just might haunt Ja’far’s nightmares for months. Because No, Simon, you are plenty crazy without full equip and your Ultimate Move. That much crazy would break something. There is not enough aspirin or things to stab.

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  5. Seven rules for long term survival in a universe with Kings, especially ones who are Metal Vessel Users:

    (1) Do not piss them off. Especially do not piss them and any of their Djinn off. You will not like any of them when they are angry.

    (2) Do not assume that because the King tried to talk you out of whatever stupid thing you were doing does not mean they cannot or will not thoroughly kick your butt if necessary.

    (3) Kings are Djinn Warriors and thus Guardians of Life. This can include yours but it also includes their own, the lives of their people, and the lives of everyone else. Try to actually destroy the world (especially repeatedly), intentionally harm their people, or pay no attention to your collateral damage and they just might decide that to save lives, they have to end yours. Most of them would rather not kill people but they will if they have. Remember that.

    (4) Do not, I repeat do not, harm any of their people. This tends to piss them off (see rule 1).

    (5) Prominent on the Do-not-mess-with list are members of the King’s Household. Both the with a Vessel variety and the non-Vessel Bearing variety. Mostly because anyone that close to a King tends to get sucked into whatever trouble the universe wants them to fix so by and large these people are more than capable of kicking major butt all by themselves. Many of them without even using their Household Vessel. If they do, be aware that the gloves are now off. Also you do manage to hurt or kill them, this pisses off the King (see rule 1).

    (6) Even if you aren’t a bad guy, remember that Kings are charming. Very charming. Even the ones who don’t think they are charming. They can and will talk you into doing the craziest things. Most of these stories will start with “Name started talking and it seems like a good idea at the time . . .”

    (7) Remember, DO NOT PISS THEM OFF.

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    1. *Snrks at 6* Oh, I can see Ja’far facepalming now. Because he knows that one. He so does.

      (And he holds Alibaba just as dangerous in that regard as Sinbad. If not more. Alibaba looked more innocent.)

      And yeah. Generally speaking, ticking off anyone from their bunch is going to fall under the category of Bad Idea. 🙂

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