Bridge ficbit – Jibaku II

The last time she’d seen a grin like that, Rukia thought, Captain Zaraki had been watching his subordinates make mincemeat out of Academy students who wanted to join the Eleventh.

Granted, Ichigo was trying to help the jibaku. Even if he was chasing the earthbound spirit like a maniac.

“You can’t take this place away from me! It’s mine! My father should have given it to me!

“Hold still, you idiot!”

Glass shattered. Walls shivered. Rukia waved dust away from her face as she walked through the abandoned hospital’s deserted halls, shaking her head.

“I was going to drink pink champagne! And drive a pink convertible! And pick up blonds in pink Victoria’s Angels skimpies and pink, pink lipstick who would-”

“Eww!” Ichigo’s flinch sent him through one of the more worn-out walls. He pulled himself out of the rubble, growling. “Get a clue! You’re dead! Nobody cares about your perverted sex life!”

Honestly, it was sad, Rukia thought. This would be a soul’s last moments on the world he knew, before he was dropped into Rukongai, where no one would care who he’d wanted to be on Earth. This demi-Hollow wouldn’t be in real trouble for months yet. She should call Ichigo off, come back here another night-

“And what’s with the pajamas, you dorky samurai fanboy?”

You did not just insult the uniform. Seeing red, Rukia leapt into the cloud of dust. “Sai!”



Breathing hard, Ichigo watched the hell butterfly flutter away. “You couldn’t have done that ten minutes ago?”

“Why?” Rukia smirked, raising her chin in noble disdain. “You looked like you could use the exercise.”

Ichigo snorted. Shook his head, and looked back to where the jibaku had been. “Two years, I’ve been listening to him scream. Glad that’s over.”

About to head for a broken window to find a way out, Rukia had to stop in her tracks. “Two… years?”

17 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Jibaku II

  1. Bad move Ichigo. You just dropped hints to the Shinigami that you are far less normal/mundane than she thought you were.

    So how likely was it that there was a betting pool between Loki, Isshen, Yoruichi etc regarding how long it would take for A: Ichigo to spill the beans and B: for Rukia to figure it out.

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    1. >Well, canon she knew he’d seen ghosts before he ran into her. Here she just gets to see some of the consequences.😉>
      Yeah I guess the Shinigami don’t really think much about what it means for a human to constantly have to deal with ghosts and spirits.

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      1. I’m curious what a certain priest would think of Karakura and the local crazies, never mind what the rest of his pack of lunatics would think. I can’t really figure out how the cross would work, though. Unless Kanzeon is the ‘Soul King’. Not that Aizen was a threat, no, it was just more amusing this way and se decided hir favorite nephew’s pack could use a bit of exercise.

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  2. Despite Loki’s best efforts, Ichigo’s first impulse is to tell the truth. Often in the bluntest way possible. Subtle ain’t his strong suit. But he’s very good at snark and acting dumber than he actually is.

    Not that Loki always lies – far from it. He knows the power of a devastating or an uncomfortable truth even before the whole ‘you actually a Jotunn’ thing came up . . . he just prefers to be careful about what sort of truth he tells people.

    Agree that most Shinigami probably don’t think through the logical consequences of a human being able to see ghosts and spirits. They probably should. If for no other reason than they are losing potential recruits to Hollows.

    That said Rukia is smart. Depending on what pieces she gets, she might not be able to get the whole picture put together before the end of the Rescue Arc but she’ll know something. Of course, as lively as she acts, did anyone else (in retrospective after learning more about her background) notice a certain of apathy in Rukia? Not complete apathy but definite feelings of being useless?

    Because of her current injury and power mishap. Because her vice-captain died with her unable to save him and dead on her blade. Because she is constantly passed over for promotion, no matter how hard she trains and works?

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  3. I’m guessing thats a bit long for a spirit to go without hallowizing
    Also if its been around two years why hasn’t any of the exiles konsued it?
    Kisuke’s expirament? Bait? Atempting to be discreet?

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  4. About to head for a broken window to find a way out, Rukia had to stop in her tracks. “Two… years?”

    Think another reason for that soul still hanging around after two years is not just the fact that it only tends to manifest in that location but because the Gotei 13 are vastly overextended?

    There are a lot of humans, a lot of deaths, and they simply do not have the numbers to keep up with the volume.

    And that problem keeps getting worse and worse? Would be helpful for Aizen – overworked people tend to be tired, distracted people. They miss things.

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