Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki

“Find the center of yourself, and sink into it.”

Ichigo let Loki’s words roll through the back of his mind, trying not to sweat. He’d meditated before. Lots of times. But his brother – and later Tessai, with glares for Yoruichi and Urahara alike – had always warned him about going too deep.

“You’re supposed to be human,” Loki had said bluntly. “Half-human, at the very least. Your magic is supposed to be the magic of Midgard. Fixed. Stable. Predictable.

“Only between my influence and Momiji’s, your power is about as stable as a subcritical mass of plutonium.

“No, no; no arguments, brother! Not about this. You have ice and a wolf and a youkai forest in your soul. So far, it hasn’t done you – or your friends – any harm. But it has changed them. You know it has.

“The core of your soul is the core of your power. Don’t touch it. Not yet. Grow older, first. Give it time to grow into some sort of balance. Give Fenris time to earn Karakura’s loyalty. The more the powers here accept him, the more they accept you as you are. And the more likely all your nakama are to get clear of high school without turning youkai themselves.”

Well. Now he was older. A little.

And there wasn’t any choice. Sode no Shirayuki was in his soul. They had to get her out, or Rukia would never get her full powers back.

I don’t want to do this.

Which was true; he’d learned from watching Loki what lying to yourself did to your head, so Ichigo tried not to. Ever. But it was also just plain old goddamn selfish.

She gave you her powers to save your family, Ichigo reminded himself. And you did.

His family, and a lot of other spirits. For the first time in his life, he hadn’t been just soothing lost souls, or distracting things that howled in the night before he ran for his own life. He’d finally been able to do something about the monsters that haunted Karakura. Being a shinigami was scary and responsible-

-And like Dad. He’d never thought he would be anything like Isshin; everyone told him he looked like Mom, and he knew he wasn’t as crazy as Goat-Chin, wouldn’t ever be, couldn’t ever make Karin roll her eyes and think everything was under control, or make Yuzu laugh at how her crazy family stayed together-

-And he didn’t want to give it up.

But you know that sword isn’t yours, Ichigo told himself fiercely. Rukia let you hold it, and trusted you to do the right thing. So do it.

Deep breath, and dive-


28 thoughts on “Bridge ficbit – Sode no Shirayuki

  1. >And the more likely all your nakama are to get clear of high school without turning youkai themselves.”>
    Yes, this is very important. Because he’d probably turn Orihime into a mix of human and tanuki or kitsune which would result in the end of the world via insanity. Unless Tatsuki gets turned into a dragon or at least something that can corral said bundle of crazy.

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      1. Orihime is going to turn into a Fae isn’t she (which kinda makes sense with her power)? Chad would totally become a literal peaceful giant and I have no idea for Tatsuki.

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      2. >Chad = peaceful oni. Tatsuki = dragon, what else?😉>
        The question is western or eastern dragon?

        Because the western/European ones have the whole ‘this is mine, that’s mine and so is that. Touch any of it and I’ll beat you to death with your own spine.’
        -Looks at Tatsuki’s general reaction to people bullying/bugging Orihime-
        Guess it fits.

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      3. >Though she’s a fire-type. Which makes some things a little tricky…. >
        So when does Chizuru use a super-soaker to try and drive off Tatsuki so she can get some quality groping in with Orihime.

        You know Pokemon. Fire-type, weak against water? 😀

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    1. Cue a cut scene with Isshin and one of the local Youkai parents. Said parent is crying into his cups about how a human is a better trickster youkai than his children and where did he go wrong etc etc.

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  2. Well, this should be interesting . . . maybe he finally at least meet Zangetsu. Probably can’t hear his name yet but being able to at least talk will probably make Ossan go “Finally!” (Zangetsu is pretty patience but five some odd years is a long time to wait for your partner to so much as hear your voice – particularly when that partner is as danger-prone as Ichigo is).

    I know they hoped Ichigo would be older than fifteen but . . . he wants, needs to protect people. And he knows there a lot of people he cannot protect because he can’t really help ghosts move on and he certainly can’t protect them from Hollows . . . he wants the power to protect those souls, power that he already carries in his soul . . . and Ichigo has never been one to stand aside while others suffer . . . he wants and will can very powerful in magic.

    The Nakama as Youkai . . . That should be interesting. *smirk* Might give them some teeth that certain bad guys are very much not expecting . . .


    1. >The Nakama as Youkai . . . That should be interesting.>
      Particularly if any of the local superstitions/practices can effect them accordingly.

      Setsubun for instance is all about driving away evil spirits and bringing in good luck. So what would it do to a bunch of humans turned youkai? *EG*

      Another issue that they will probably have is the native alcohols, particularly sake (and as I recall Bleach Shinigami tend to drink like fish). After all, sake and its strong effects on various mythological creatures feature predominately in mythology.

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    2. >the Nakama as Youkai and teeth….>
      “No, Kenpachi. You are not allowed to adopt them all into 11th.”
      “Ah come-on Old Man. They’re the first brats in who knows how long that Yachiru didn’t break while playing.”

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      1. >….My bunnies are picturing Orihime happily joining up with 11th to add to the mayhem. Eep.>
        Well at least Yumichika would have somebody to talk fashion with.

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  3. Ichigo’s friends as youkai… This reminds me a tad of the manga/anime Nura: Rise of the Youkai Clan… which is probably one of my favorite urban fantasy manga as the youkai in it are based a lot more on the actual stories people told about youkai and the way the youkai gain power (a youkai’s power is based on why they are feared/respected; the most feared/respected youkai is the one that drinks people’s tea when they’re not looking, go figure…) gives it a lot of crossover potential… if the manga actually had a fandom that is…

    It’s pretty much about the next generation of youkai yakuza coming into power and all the people (youkai and human) who really don’t want that to happen. Fortunately it doesn’t fall into the “one species is automatically good/bad” trap that a lot supernatural stories fall into.

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  4. 》” Only between my influence and Momiji’s,

    Momiji? Oh, Loki, just who/what is Momiji??

    》”…your power is about as stable as a subcritical mass of plutonium.”
    Hee. So descriptive.

    Wait, if Ichigo has Frost Giant Ice in his soul (and where’d that youkai forest come from,) how is Sode no Shirayuki fairing in there? (Goes to read the next bit and hopefully find out.)

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      1. I think I figured out what fenir is. Ichigo has a yokai forest in his soul meaning he’s part yokai right and cannon ichi is part hollow and has an inner hollow so Fenir is Ichigo’s inner yokai. Ofcourse I’m probably completely wrong but it’s a better idea than what Kubo did with making Hichigo actually Zangetsu all along.

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