Ghost Touch – Homecoming

“What if the school wants one of those ‘What I did on summer break’ essays tomorrow?”

Ichigo blinked. Tried not to laugh. Or wince. “Lie like rugs.” He turned back to the door-

“Welcome hooome, Ichigoooo!”

Ah, hell.

Foot to face, fist to gut, remember not to slip instinctively into flash-step, tumble, dodge, try not to bite with the sheer frustration of having to go through this again, roll….

“So you’re one of Ichigo’s friends?” Karin said in the background as the Kurosaki males crashed into a wall.


“Kurosaki Karin,” the ten-year-old introduced herself. “This is my sister, Yuzu. You know my idiot brother, and the bigger idiot in the crazy shirt is our Dad, Kurosaki Isshin.”


“You get used to it,” the black-haired girl sighed. “Give it another few seconds, until Ichigo-”

Thump. Rattle. Bang!

“Oh, Masaki, my love,” Isshin groaned mournfully into the floor, as Ichigo twisted arms directions they weren’t supposed to go, “you’d be so proud of our son. Standing up for himself, loyal to his friends-” The doctor managed to raise his chin off the mats long enough to glance at Ishida. “Manners could use some work, though. Well? Who’d you drag home, Ichigo?”

29 thoughts on “Ghost Touch – Homecoming

      1. Depends if we can point the duo towards Aizen or not. After that, snag Masaki and Ja’far and head out the back for the explosions.

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      2. Sinbad would think it is awesome.

        Heck I think it’s be awesome. It would always be the end of the universe as we know it because it’s Isshin and Sinbad plus you know Sandal-Hat would not keep his nose out of it – but it’d be awesome.

        Also I think he likes seeing others also kick tremenous behind. Like I’m Platonic-ally In Love With Carnage.

        Kinda of like how Alibaba always thinks Morg is cute, even when she is covered in monster blood.

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      3. Got to learn to pay more attention when liking – you forget you wrote something and like your own comment. *headdesk*

        But you know, Isshin as Sinbad’s reincarnation would make a horrifying amount of sense. Through what will make any reborn GEnerals with memories even more terrified is that he reproduced.

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      4. Ja’far: “…Wake me for the next incarnation, this one’s too scary…”

        Can’t blame you for that one . . . of course, since the ruhk seems to have the same opinion as Vathara that Sinbad will never not be your problem, I don’t think you will have much luck of that.

        On the other hand, if Isshin-Sinbad met some of the Generals and especially people like Rurumu before Ichigo got too old, maybe they could talk some sense into him about keeping the whole Shinigami thing secret from his kid . . .

        My especially evil bunnies want to really scare the Generals by having Ichigo be the reincarnation of Alibaba . . .

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      5. Eh, different personalities. But that would be their nightmare…

        Agreed. But the horrified look on Ja’far as he considers that possibility? Not to mention the rest of them? The bunnies, the evil creatures that they are, find completely amusing.

        Of course the looks on their faces when Ichigo is shown to be way too different is funny too. A sigh of relief . . . until they realize that just because he wasn’t born as Ichigo doesn’t mean he wasn’t reborn as someone else. Doesn’t mean he was either. Or that if he was, he’d ever run into any of them but then again what were the odds of them running into each other?

        Of course, the bunnies also like the idea of Isshin and Sinbad as completely separate people causing all manner of chaos. They are evil and destructive little critters. And they live to give Ja’far face-palms.


      6. If Sinbad is Isshin/Sinbad works with the Shinigami (for a given value of ‘works with’, this is Sinbad after all), does that make Aizen a member of Al-Thamen? Or is Hueco Mundo Al-Thamen’s new domain? The Hollows and Arrancar would then be their creepy black-rukh henchmen or something… maybe as part of the Abnormalities? Or a manifestation of the people who have Fallen into Depravity?

        So many ideas…. sounds like a great crossover.


  1. Isshin, discussing someone’s poor manners usually works better when one does not randomly attack their son upon entrance to the house.

    I don’t know what probably bemused Ishida more. That Isshin attacked Ichigo as soon as he came home. Or that it was apparently so usual that Karin barely acknowledged it and simply introduced herself and Yuzu to him.

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      1. I’m curious – in your head canon is Isshin’s fighting style (passed down to Ichigo) belong to the Shiba, the Kurosaki, or is it his own insane invention?


      2. In my head it’s the Anything Goes Kurosaki Style. As in, Isshin probably had a family style in the Shiba, but has since accreted moves from anything that’d stand still long enough for him to figure it out. Plus mayhem. Lots of mayhem. 😉

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  2. Of course, I love how Isshin likely decided to be even more obnoxious than usual just to distract Ishida from his Crappy Day, because there’s no way he didn’t put things together as soon as Ishida was in range. Also, Ichigo and Ishida bromance with the whole Quincy-with-Shinagami-powers thing…

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  3. Y’know I was gonna say ‘Don’t lie, Isshin. You recognized Ryuuken’s son the moment you saw him’ but everybody’s pretty much already beaten me to the punch.

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