Monstrous Compendium Ch5 bit – System Assist

Damn System Assist-!

Kirito could hear his own voice calling out the spell, but he couldn’t stop it. A few months ago he wouldn’t have even had a clue what spell Cardinal was using him to cast; only that whatever it was, somehow reaching this point in the quest had triggered it at a dramatically appropriate moment.

Something about – calling on the mercy of the wild?

A shadow stooped out of the sun.

And a dark part of him had to admire Kayaba. Because this was the way the world should work, your good and evil deeds coming back to you; the evil at the moment of your greatest triumph, the good when all seemed darkest-

The Winged Serpent snared Pollista in its coils, and plummeted down.

We might win this.

Dale found himself grinning as he fought through the swarm of guardian psiwasps, shoulder to shoulder with some heavily armed Divine Dragons. Issin, Harry One, and a KoB healer took the opening, getting past the guardians at the edge of the comb to start dragging victims out of the fight. Archers were taking careful shots at the queen, and Kirito and Klein were still darting in and out of Pollista’s range, whittling down the queen’s hit points as the Winged Serpent squeezed that deadly stinger, acid spattering harmlessly to the ground.

We can do this. We can get our people back, get out alive

A buzzing blast limned his sasumata in purple lightning, and steel screamed.


30 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch5 bit – System Assist

  1. Well. The base spell may be Summon Nature’s Ally, but that’s looking suspiciously like direct Divine Interference. Coautls tend to, in Eberron.

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  2. There really isn’t anything else to be, when you’re a Red Dragon. You either drama it up or everyone else will drama it up for you. Why not chew on the scenery a little? It entertains.
    Though, Kirito summoning a Coutal…well, that lets me know his caster levels from ranger, sorcerer and Moonsword apparently stack, which is nice for a multiclass. (Although, game design ranting for another time.) And that he got a nice boost from System assist. 🙂

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    1. Winged Snake, aka Winged Serpent. Not a Coatl. They’re two different monsters. A Coatl has human-level intelligence and a heck of a lot of powers. A Winged Snake does not – it’s a magical beast, and therefore much more in line with what a ranger can ask help from.

      …But magic or no magic, it’s really good at constricting.

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      1. The most terrifying power a Coatl has when encountered face-to-face instead of Summoned? Gate… Oh the horrors I’ve seen…

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      2. Always remember! Creatures summoned via Gate are actually for real there! So unlike with Summon Monster their own Summon Monster abilities work just fine.

        Can you say Fractal Army? Because my buddy’s Healer sure taught our GM the meaning of the phrase.

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    2. I suspect that what the Moonsword actually does – since it’s a Prestige Class for Warlocks – is it lets the character combine up to two separate casting classes Caster Levels to grant the player an effective Caster Level in both equal to the sum but no greater than their HD. That or if you have multiple casting classes it lets you use your highest Caster Level for all spell effects.

      The first seems like something that would appeal to Warlocks the most especially since you need to be fairly fighty to take levels in Moonsword, so that ability benefits the non-Warlock class less since it’s probably Ranger or Paladin, though at higher levels Bard is possible. The second is an ability one prestige class – the Geomancer – already grants in both of its 3.x versions.

      Either way, this does allow characters using a more MP based than Vancian magic system even more room for abuse though.

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      1. See I don’t know if that means I’m on the right track or the wrong one. Or if maybe the Moonsword is like the Suel Arcanomach, or Sublime Chord where the prestige class has its own separate spell list you progress in as you level.

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  3. Well, siccing a winged serpent on it is one way to help get rid of a giant bug.

    And I think our heroes will ponder the hows, whys, and such later. After they get away alive. And after they’ve had time to heal and catch their breath.

    So dragon should be automatically read as drama llama?

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