Keygate Ficbit: Location

If Axel was telling the truth, and Vincent had a sickening feeling he was….

He’s just saved our lives.

Leon had not been amused by the Organization appearing on Radiant Garden’s own walls. He’d planned to make that point to Xemnas, the next time the Nobody appeared. Personally.

Leon as a Nobody. Vincent’s heart trembled at the thought.

“Kind of quiet over there,” Axel said dryly. “Demon cat got your tongue?”

Vincent drew a breath, and frowned at the scent of fresh blood. Eyed the hand he’d held Axel with, registering the tacky feeling of drying blood. “You’re bleeding.”

“Yeah,” Axel drawled. “Kind of noticed that-”

It was weak. Less than practiced. Definitely one of Yuffie’s spells; Vincent could taste that in the hope and worry laced into where are you?

“K’so!” There was a snap of sparking flames-

Vincent snapped his hand shut, just before fire blazed everywhere Axel’s blood had touched.

A whoosh of Darkness, and Axel’s feelings vanished.

…Damn it.

I’m surprised he stayed that long, Chaos commented. He must have felt safe with us. A wry turn of thought. Or he needed to catch his breath. Deep within, a snarl. They’re hunting him.

Vincent nodded. Axel had felt that probe of location magic. Felt it, and flinched away as an ordinary man would from a white-hot iron. And taken one of the most effective measures to cover his trail possible; fire purified, rendering his blood useless for any spell. “He feels safer with a demon than a human.”

Are you surprised? He knows he isn’t human. Chaos unfolded their hand. He didn’t quite get all of it.

3 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit: Location

  1. If we have Reno under all of that, he recognizes AVALANCHE’s Demon, the Herald Slayer, Servant of the Goddess, CHAOS. And hey, HE wasn’t around when Reno dropped the plate. And it wasn’t like AVALANCHE hasn’t made at least a grudging peace with it when the fate of the Planet is on the line.

    Sneaky Axel, leading to a grand chase.

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