15 thoughts on “Brief Note on Signed Pearl of Fire

    1. There are two view point characters.

      There is a much more minor character that has an interest in one of them. That viewpoint character is unaware, which is why we see later one of Vathara’s very nicely done character misunderstandings, that is also foreshadowing and a sequel hook. I understand status of sequels is not yet certain, so it remains to be seen if that will be a bigger element in the series.

      But yeah, the major relationship elements are friendship, comradeship, and some family.

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  1. That’s a good thing isn’t it? It will be several months before I can afford my copy (splurged on a copy of the Serpent Slayer, can’t regret it really) but I’m still looking forward to getting to read it!

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      1. It’s the book of female centric fairy tales and stories by Katrin Tchana, with all the really lovely full page illustrations. ISBN 13 978-0316387019. That the same book?

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      2. It was a one heck of grab considering that it tends to sell for $50+. So when a merely ‘good’ copy popped up for $30 and I had a discount I could throw on top of it, I just paid for it and ran. I winced at the price after I got the book. Still can’t regret it!

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      3. I’m envious you you right now. That is sadly, one of the books the Library does not have on the shelf at the moment. They have a hard time securing out of print books, which is the bane of my existence right now. Trying to find a copy of the Inugami Clan is a downright nightmare!

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      4. *Rueful* Don’t be too envious – they don’t have it anymore. For some unknown reason, a few years back, the local library system went from keeping their own books to RENTING them from some other company.

        And suddenly I couldn’t find any old favorites on the shelf anymore. All Charlotte MacLeod’s Professor Shandy mysteries, an excellent book on real-world carnivals, another analyzing what factors made people successful rescuers in WWII – all poof. Among numerous others. Dagnabbit.

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      5. That… ok, WTF? Why would any library rent books?!?! That just does not make sense! At all!
        I’m going to ask the library if they can find a copy in a sister system and borrow it from them. There’s not a good chance of success but I won’t know till I try.

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      6. The only answer I got was “this way we can afford to stock new books”.

        You might try your nearest local college, too? Any place that has courses on folklore might want to have a copy available.


      7. Good point. I should be able to ask at the very least. If they have it I’ll find a way to get my hands on it. Book might have been published close to 70 years ago but there was more then one printing. I stand a chance!

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