Earring Tales: Spring Pines

It’s… new pine needle green?

Spring Pines2

Oddly enough what stuns me most about these is that the edge beads, which are willow-green, came out looking almost silver-steel in comparison to the silk brown and neon green. Huh.

I’m… not entirely sure how I feel about these. I think they’d be best worn on a rainy, rainy day, when you want some color, any color, to brighten the world. Which, come to think, was pretty much the conditions that held when I put the original colors next to each other to look at combining them in the first place.

Spring Pines earrings.


6 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Spring Pines

  1. Kinda reminds me of a really colorful moth, I guess it’s similar… a splash of color to brighten everything where none was expected.

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