Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Goa’uld 101

“Well, if you see this big golden pyramid thingie descending from the sky, you got problems.” Jack shrugged. “Honestly? If they haven’t shown up by now, they probably won’t show up next week. And maybe not ever. They’ve got probes – technology that can check out a world without a person attached – and if they picked up any trace of the Kabane virus, they’d probably write this place off as not worth the trouble.” He mentally chewed his lip, then sighed. They deserved the truth. “But if there’s one thing the Goa’uld have in spades, it’s ego. They think they’re immune to darn near everything. Even if they knew about the Kabane, they might think they could conquer you guys. So. Big pyramid ship, problems. But they might be more subtle. Maybe.” He waved at his team. “Lady and gentlemen, let’s give ‘em Goa’uld-spotting 101.”

One good thing about his team having butted heads with the System Lords for the past three years, Jack reflected. By this time they could give a basic rundown of Goa’uld Flashy Eyes, Voice, Tech, and Tactics in ten minutes or less. By now he was pretty sure Lady Ayame’s people appreciated clear and concise info on potential enemies.

Though knowing they had even more enemies than they’d ever imagined did not make for very happy zpoc survivors. Kurusu had a crease between his brows, Ayame was sitting very straight and sober, and Kibito was openly rubbing at a headache. “So… their eyes glow, but it’s a white-gold, not magma like the Kabane. And not all the time.” Kibito shook his head. “Why?”

“You know, we’re really not sure?” Sam admitted. “We haven’t been able to hold that many Goa’uld, and… it wouldn’t be ethical to experiment. Except for a few cases like Hathor, the host is a hostage.”

“Cowards,” Kurusu declared.

“Very well armed and high tech cowards,” Jack said flatly. “They’d swat both our planets like bugs and not give it a second thought. If you end up fighting them, you have to fight hard, and you have to fight smart.”

One sword-sharp brow went up. “Did you?”

Jack mostly hid a cough behind his hand, as Daniel looked away, whistling. “Noooot so much, to start,” Jack admitted.


14 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Goa’uld 101

  1. Alternatively, they fought very smart. Ra was the undisputed king of the Gou’ald, so taking him out caused more damage to their unity than any other option at the time.(Imo & YOMV)

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    1. It’s more a case of “in hindsight, we got lucky to do by accident what we probably would have done on purpose if we’d actually been trying to do it right”. Luck, not “fighting smart”, despite similar actions/results.

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  2. lols, In their (earths) defense, they DID have to learn all of this on the fly, kinda like having to learn to swim in a flood. They managed pretty darn well, all told.

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  3. “Did you?”

    Boy, Jack, Kurusu has your number! 😀

    In the beginning, at least, SG-1 survived falling into water waaay over their heads and being both very lucky, *and* very smart (in the “chance favors the prepared mind” sense).

    Since then, the SGC has been log-rolling like crazy and playing every angle they can get a shot at (and using SG-1’s Strange Luck whenever they have to make a desperate Saving Roll, usually once a year at the end of a broadcast season 🙂 )

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  4. for all tha Kurusu called them cowards for using hosts (hostages) the symbiotes can do very, very little without a host.

    its a sentient species that cant build civilization otherwise.


    1. There’s still different ways of doing it. It’s like the difference between convincing someone, and manipulating them. It may be a tiny difference, barely distinguishable, but it’s still there. And, of course, the culture making the judgement matters too (tho I admit my view leans more towards Kurusu’s here, than to modern American on the specifics).

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  5. Oh! Ohohohohoh! Jack and Daniel just revealed that the two of them were there at the start! It would be one thing to have all of your combatants have that reveal, it’s another thing entirely to have a combatant and a non-combatant reveal they were there at the beginning.

    They have their very own Ikoma, the hayajiro shudder. And only one wrangler.

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  6. In a lot of ways, though, it can be advantageous to “give away” information freely. Especially in Japan, a strong person is supposed to have the strength and freedom to be honest or to give honest advice. Americans traditionally get a lot of hidden brownie points for this, because we tend to just say stuff or react on our gut instinct – very Zen enlightenment type of thing to do. It is also experienced by Japanese as a bonding experience of trust and respect – your family is honest with you, and your co-workers when they are drunk.

    Not quite so good if you come across as a wimp. But everyone in SG-1 is formidable.

    “I am going to tell you stuff, and not mind if you pick up background info” is how a close ally and friend works. Almost a little overwhelming, on short acquaintance, but very honorable in a life or death situation with tons of obligation incurred on both sides. Acting this way makes obligation lighter for both sides. The Jack and Danny comedy act is also easing things.

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