A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Courting Considerations

:Yes, curry that spot right there,: Kellen sighed, leaning into Lan Wangji’s brush. :Come on, talk to me, Chosen. I know you can brood and brush at the same time.:

Lan Wangji paused, one hand on warm white hide. “Herald Talia claimed that there would be others seeking marriage alliance with Wei Wuxian. And that he is… considered a priest, for restless spirits.” Which of those were more disturbing, he did not want to think. He hoped Kellen had better answers than his own heart.

:I think shaman is more accurate, at least from those I’ve met in the past,: Kellen mused. :But, yes. He’s Gifted, and not a Herald. That means he stands a chance of not dying young, and is likely to pass on his Gifts to any offspring. Valdemar can always use more Healers, and there are plenty of families out there, noble and otherwise, who’d offer a lot to set up an advantageous marriage. Add in that the Wen are going to be teaching methods of Healing entirely new to Valdemar, and have experience with defending against magic – the Jianghu had him ranked fourth among eligible young masters. He’ll be considered as desirable here.:

Lan Wangji bit back a flare of heat and how dare they. No one had ever courted Wei Wuxian, he’d been blindly oblivious to all who fluttered near him-

:And for the first time, he can respond to any offers based on what he’s interested in, instead of what’s politically advantageous to the Jiang Sect,: Kellen mused. :I wonder if he’s had time to even consider that, yet? Oh, he has to worry about how anyone he might court will get along with the Wen, they’re family now; but for the very first time, it won’t be Sect Leader Jiang deciding whose offers their First Disciple can and can’t encourage. Marrying in or out of a sect won’t even come up!: A white nose nudged him, pointedly. :The Lan wouldn’t have let you marry out, would they?:


27 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Courting Considerations

  1. Yeah, Wei Wuxian is an insanely good catch. Gifted (with a very rare gift at that), not a Herald, so won’t die young and isn’t involved in their insular community (seriously, it looks like Heralds rarely marry non-Heralds), comes attached to an entire clan of Healers, he’s a genius, he’s in his early 20s (a good age to get married), and he’s hot as hell. People will be tripping over themselves to court him.

    It won’t just be him! Wen Qinq and Wen Ning, who are the head and heir of the Wen clan and of a good marriageable age as well, will have many suitors, too.

    Actually, WWX is probably even more desirable than in the Jianghu. There, he’s a catch, yeah, but compared to sect heirs and sect leaders? He doesn’t have a good family background. But, that does make him a good catch in another way. If his (theoretical) wife outranks him, which would be easy as long as she’s of a main clan, he’s be marrying into her family, bringing his skill and genius with him, and passing it on to any kids. I think that’s why he’s listed fairly high on the list, his looks and charm just elevated him to number 4.

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    1. Courting Considerations aka Lan Wanji drinks all the vinegar😆
      If that’s not Talia and Kellen try to prod him in the right matchmaking direction I don’t know what is😁

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  2. This doesn’t even get into the fact that, as A-Yuan has proven in this fic, the way Wei Wuxian moves qi and cultivates is, for lack of a better word, contagious. He’s insanely attractive to match with. Even more so here, when there’s no social stigma attached to his cultivation.

    Now, to be a fly on the wall when Kellan realizes that ‘responsible use of blood magic’ is taught as a normal and expected use of the orthodox path.

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  3. The potential for angst in this particular conversation is emense! Hopefully, Kellen will catch any downward spirals and help him realize Lan Wangji has a chance that he wouldn’t back home. Talia might not realize but Kellen should k

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    1. Dang it, somehow hit the submit button when I wasn’t finished yet. 😅 to continue: Kellen should know that Lan Wangji will back off and leave Wei Wuxian alone if he thinks he will be happier with some one else. On top of that… has Lan Zhan realized that Wei Wuxian isn’t straight yet? Has WEI WUXIAN realized he isn’t straight yet? Because I seem to remember that being a problem in the novel at least.. 😈 So I wonder if Kellen will get to hear a painful rant on how Wei Wuxian is better than all of them but if he gets to chose and will be happy, than Lan Wangji won’t get in the way. Unless Lan Wangji has gotten enough healing and progressed enough to know that he just might be able to have what he wants if he just asks respectfully.

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    1. Noted! Yes, plan to bring that up.

      Slow writing ATM. Keyboard needs to be replaced because 2 keys have gone unreliable, and I’ve caught a bug. (Been trying to treat it with hot packs and rest for a week; looks like it’s going to need medical intervention, clinic’s not open today and I need to work tomorrow. Ugh.)

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      1. Guess sickness is going around. My sister, my mother, and I all caught COVID, my grandparents might be sick, and an acquaintance is feeling bad. Tis the season, I guess.

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  4. Talia and Kellen are pulling Lan Wangji’s chain. Wei Wuxian won’t want to leave the Wen, he loves them, they love him and they are from his own culture and speak his language. So anyone who wants to marry WWX would have to be willing to live in Rabbit Hole. Ghostspeaking is such a wierd gift in Valdemar that most people are wary about it.
    There aren’t people lined up to marry WWX on his own merits, or for a marriage alliance with the Wen. There might be a line next year but not now.

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  5. Its a good excuse, sorry reason not to go home. “I married Wei Wuxian, and can’t return home as Uncle would be so upset” Even Lan Xichen will understand that Lan Wangji won’t come back until Lan Qiren gets over his anger; and the Lan Sect has made peace with the Jiang.

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  6. Absolutely and completely unrelated*, I seem to remember you watched Jackie Chan Adventures.

    Remember Uncle’s chant? ‘

    It’s apparently a real thing…. written 妖魔鬼怪快哋走.
    Roughly, “Spirits, demons, ghosts, monsters, quickly leave!”

    * Other than maybe someone who should not be allowed within a zillion miles of a non-English language, much less a tonal language (me!) going ‘wait, wasn’t one of those words mentioned as something cultivators fight?’

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      1. K, further shiny– according to a Japanese resident, ‘鬼佬’ or ‘gwai lo’ is the term for ‘foreign devil’ or white/non-Chinese, and pointed out that first one (‘ghost’) is the same the Japanese use for Oni.

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  7. I got an end of summer/start of fall kind of cold. The Japanese anime “conks you out” kind of cold, which is no fun, and features fever and stuff.

    The fever went away, but now I’m into “you feel better and have more energy, but gunk starts trying to get into your lungs.” Which I am more used to fighting, which is why I have guaifenesin in giant 12-hour dose family packs. (Also because it helps with sinusitis, sometimes. And because singers are paranoid about mucus, so everybody including me apparently takes it at the first sign of goo.)

    Vitamin A foods are good for getting well and for chasing off further infections. Vitamin D is good for pretty much everything.

    Vitamin B-12 in pills you take under your tongue is very good for energy. But. You have to take it with something that has enough potassium and iron in it, so that you don’t get a vast increase in blood volume over time. (“Energy drink high blood pressure.”) I mean, it can be stuff like taking your normal multivitamin and eating a potato, but you have to do it. And if you don’t have enough blood, you probably have some leeway but… eat those potatoes.

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    1. Unfortunately what I have are allergies that lead to regular skin bacteria going RAWR! inside inner ear and other places. I’d skimped on my antihistamines a bit back ’cause it seemed like the allergies weren’t that bad. Apparently with current levels of stress, This Was A Mistake.

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