Books Back In, and Music

Okay, I now have all my signed books back in again on both Etsy and Ebay.

The anniversary yesterday was hard on a lot of people, so…. a little music to build us back up.

Starting from angry, and hopefully moving on to determination.

“Aoharu x Kikanjuu” AMV-This Little Girl

Sword Art Online II AMV Shiroyama

Amv – Amagi Brilliant Park

Sword Art Online 2 AMV – Sinon – Move Like a Soldier (Nightcore)



11 thoughts on “Books Back In, and Music

  1. Weird Random Plot bunny popped up while I was reading some of your stories on AO3.

    Darker Than Black / Leverage crossover.

    “We have exotic powers!”
    “We have leverage.”

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    1. Would read! 🙂

      Edit: On further thought that would be an extremely interesting crossover if done right, because the baseline of Contractors is “really don’t get humans” whereas Leverage works in the “we know how humans work and put it to our advantage” area. It’d be tricky to balance in any one instance, because supernatural powers are a fast advantage, while people skills are often a slow one.

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      1. Several of the Leverage crew members would be… probably very confusing for people to look into in a DtB/Leverage crossover because they’re *so* quirky and seem to have almost mythic abilities in specific situations. Almost like they *have* a contract… only there’s no specific star for them. Good thing for most of Leverage they’re in places with large amounts of people so there’s probably many Contractor Stars constantly active… which makes figuring that out a lot harder.

        Parker seems like she can almost walk through walls at times… and then she doesn’t really *get* how normal humans think (she *can* empathize though!). And her quirks… well… there’s a whole slew of them someone could think was her remuneration. And probably a debate between whoever’s chasing Leverage about weather she’s just a *very* traumatized woman or an actual Contractor.

        Sophie feels like she could be this too. On the one hand, she can get in-character so thoroughly she doesn’t feel like she’s Sophie anymore. On the other hand, her on-stage acting is *terrible* and she keeps trying out for actual acting jobs. Cue someone thinking her needing to audition is a remuneration of some sort and…

        Eliot I feel would be a lot like Hei in Shattered Sky. Where he’s not a Contractor… but he’s worked with *a lot* of them in the past while under Moreau (guess who would make for a *great* Contractor?) and that’s done a number on him mentally. The Leverage crew is the most “normal” people he’s been with in a while and he’s probably wondering when his sense of normal got so skewed that living with people with more weird personality quirks than some Contractors have feels *safe*.

        This leaves Hardison and Nate as the two obviously normal people. Well… as normal as someone working in a world with Contractors. I wonder how the insurance policies changed when it was confirmed Contractors were a thing? Nate probably has… opinions… about who the real monsters were in all of that…

        To bring in DtB characters… maybe have the Leverage crew run a con at the same place the DtB is watching for something. And the police forces looking for both of them! Cue lots of sharing information that just muddies the waters over what people are and *why* they’re doing things…

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  2. Especially if/when the “leverage” types start to get a handle on how Contractors work, or even just certain specific Contractors.

    Then Electric Batman shows up as an OOC problem for them…

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  3. :adds SAO 2 to list of things to watch:

    I’ve got a weak point for Sabaton’s Shirogama anyways, one of the guys in my head practically has it as a theme song.
    “Oooh, it’ll piss off the Empire? SURE!”

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