A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Never Forgotten

Lan Wangji moved a half-step forward; that was a perilous offer. And yet… Wei Wuxian had seemed unworried.

With the Stygian Tiger Amulet, he can command them if he must. He can stop them, if they demand more than the living can give.

He did not know Wei Wuxian still carried that dark creation – but it was the most logical scenario. He would not have left it in the Burial Mounds, where such concentrated resentment would surely find a fierce ghost willing to use it. He surely would not have left it anywhere near the Wen Sect; A’Yuan was too young and too curious, and no matter how good Wei Wuxian’s wards were, accidents happened. And he would not have buried it and left it as a problem for some unsuspecting innocent to stumble on decades later.

He surely had it warded to the point of invisibility. He likely did not want to use it. But if lives were at stake, Wei Wuxian would.

Fortunately the ghosts seemed more curious than demanding. Vienne looked around the misty crowd, visibly hunting for anyone else willing to speak. The others glanced away, or motioned her on.

She is the most stable of them, Lan Wangji concluded. The closest to… human.

Vienne bit her lip, a wisp of black smoke rising from sharp teeth. “We… we want to be remembered, Your Majesty.” She straightened her shoulders, standing firm. “We want people to know what happened.”

“Which is why I have young Mistress Ashkevron and her friends taking notes from every soul willing to talk,” Wei Wuxian put in. “If you don’t have other ideas… I’d suggest a living memorial. Some kind of river watch? After all,” he reached out a hand, and let Vienne grip comforting fingers, “what they want for is for no one else to die like they did, drowned and forgotten.”

9 thoughts on “A Long Road Chapter 16 Ficbit – Never Forgotten

    1. I really like the idea of a river watch. They could even make it a special unit of the guard so they already have a command structure in place.
      A physical memorial might be good as well, something like a small garden with a tastful centerpiece in honor of Orthallen’s victims.

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  1. All those ghosts, there rather then passed on, but with merely curiuosity, and such reasonable requests, feels like it would be counterintuitive for the cultibators used to the Jiangshu. Or is it only me?

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  2. Couple of interesting thoughts.

    The Wei Wuxian scenes of interacting with Vienne, etc., do not make a big deal about the spooky elements.

    Lan Wangji here? He is both aware of the more obvious to most features, and noticing that they are people, and the human behavior.

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