Old TV Review: Chameleons (1989)

Chameleons (1989) is a TV pilot by Glen A. Larson (of Knight Rider and A-Team fame) that I’d been looking for off and on for years, and finally stumbled on again on YouTube thanks to a sharp-eyed TV fan on DeviantArt. It was made, shown, and yet turned down as an ongoing show by both American and international networks. Sometimes it’s interesting to check out things that didn’t work, and try to figure out why, so you don’t make the same mistakes. (As a writer and human being of course you’ll make entirely different ones, but hey.) Continue reading


TV Series Review: Liu Yong Pursues the Case

I’m only about half through; there are 45 episodes total. But so far I’d give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. If you’re looking for an older lead than most in a series that still has plenty of just-slightly-fantastic wushu action, definitely check this c-drama out!

Liu Yong himself is like what Lt. Columbo might have been like in the Qing Dynasty. And any character that successfully evokes the disheveled detective is worth watching. Continue reading

TV Series Review: Strange Hero Yi Zhi Mei

AKA The Vigilantes in Masks (2011, sometimes listed as 2010). Five out of five stars here, you can tell when the plum and cherry blossom scenes are green-screened but the rest is very well done, and the story just rocks.

I know I’ve mentioned that the Imperial Coroner would make a fun Leverage cross, but if you’re looking for “Leverage in Ancient China”, this is the series that so far comes the closest. Continue reading