Some Cool Old Shows

Okay, might be very frantic and busy today, so setting up some entertainment in advance. Here’s some neat shows I’ve found dating back to the 70s and 80s; great for trying to get back to storytelling basics Hollywood’s forgotten!

Sanbiki ga Kiru! (j-drama) (1987)
This is  one has a definite 80s feel, reminds me a bit of The A-Team. Three strangers come to the aid of the downtrodden in Edo, Japan.!

Only 2 episodes on YouTube, though.
ep 1:
(First episode has nudity in the bath house.)

ep 2:

Red Swallow: Oyuki. Another with just two eps on YouTube, but an interesting concept; a young lady raised in near-isolation by her swordsman father, now trying to find out how to be an ordinary woman. Of course, she keeps finding trouble that needs a good sword….

ep 1:
ep 2:

Yagyu Abaretabi

A young samurai is assigned to inspect the Tokaido road, uncovering all kinds of trouble, corruption, and bad guys that make life and travel difficult for innocents. This one has two whole seasons up on YouTube. The historical guy one main character is based off of has a lot of fictional adaptations!

Hopefully less frantic tomorrow….

7 thoughts on “Some Cool Old Shows

  1. Arrrrrgh. Now – as in today – only the first ep of Yagyu Abaretabi is still available. The rest are either made private or taken down due to copyright strikes.

    …I want so many old shows on DVD if I can find them. So many. And I supposed I’d better watch “Falcons of Edo” while it’s still up!


    1. There’s a good open-source (free) program called youtube-dl that will download any YT video that you feed the “share” URL to. It is command-line, but literally:
      Hit the “Share” button on the YT video, and copy the URL. Then
      ‘youtube-dl (hit ctrl-V here)’
      Then wait for it to be saved to your local directory as an MP4. That easy.

      Not necessarily as good as a DVD release, but it’s a way to hang onto YT vids that might vanish.

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    2. Nah, Youtube-DL is literally just download, hit “install.” No tech -savvy required. Download the .exe installer, and run it.


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