What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – Not Murphy

There’s an entire subway hidden under Boston. Hidden with magic. I’ve fallen into the Dresden Files.

Something Domingo had absolutely no intention of voicing out loud, as he moved forward to trade point with Tiburon, eyes searching along the rails for any tricks or traps the swordsman might possibly have missed. The madmen he was with would probably start arguing about who fit which character, and he’d be damned if he was going to be nicknamed Murphy. Drakon was better. Sort of. No matter how odd it was.

A distant rattle caught his ear; Domingo paused, waiting a moment to be sure the noise didn’t grow louder. Walking into enemy territory along subway tracks was not his idea of a good time. But given he’d seen Malachy already break, mangle, and bend steel bars like someone else might fiddle with pipe cleaners, he believed the man when the martial artist said he could drag them all to safety if a train did roar through. There was something about Malachy’s quiet confidence, his carefully banked fury at his niece’s peril, that anchored Domingo’s own rage. Let him contain it, and think, when otherwise he might have rushed headlong into deadly peril. Because he knew better, he did – but Sarah and Matt were the center of his world, and he wasn’t thinking straight, not at all.

Well, if I’m insane, at least I’m in with the right crowd

Ja’far straightened from a wary crouch, and held out an empty hand.

“What do you have?” Simon said quietly, hand on his cutlass.

Domingo almost rolled his eyes; yes, swords, he was with insane maniacs-

Except there was something in Ja’far’s palm. Not quite visible, more a heat-shimmer than anything his eyes could focus on – but something. Like a glitter of dust in sunlight.


4 thoughts on “What Comes Around Ch 20 bit – Not Murphy

  1. I think what Ja’far’s got is what we in the business call a clue . . .

    Drakon is kinda of like Murphy . . . 😉

    And they might be lunatics but they are very helpful lunatics, no? Don’t worry, this I-trust-these-lunatics feelings aren’t going to bite you in the behind (unless you count kissing your normal life good-bye) and soon it wouldn’t feel weird.

    Anyone else thinking that Vathara might be testing just how tightly she can coil the audience’s springs . . . (Joke – My way of siphoning off some of energy so my Mostly Patient Anticipation doesn’t turn into a Rude Monster Of Unreasonable Demands).


    1. *Snrrrrk* Ah, a clue… yep. Something like that.

      They’re lunatics, but they’re his lunatics. He’ll figure that out. 😉

      …Not actually trying to do so, no; RL is just being sticky so I’m having trouble getting farther with the Big Fight in 21. Hoping I’ll have more energy to tackle that soon. 🙂


  2. >>Drakon was better. Sort of. No matter how odd it was.
    And how much part of you resonates with it? If Drakon’s Household Vessel never left, he’ll be driven by those instincts just as much as modern logic I imagine. Sometimes more, instinct is hard to override. He’s like, maybe a grumpier Huojin? Or a calmer Zuko? A mix between the two of them? He’s fun, and grumpy, no matter the life.

    And yes, part of me is cackling about D&D and look! They’ve done the dungeon, they’re raiding another, they’ve got the wizard aka Simon, the monk aka Malachy, the rogue aka Ja’far, the fighter aka Tiburon, the ranger aka Drakon who pulls double duty as the ‘dragon’ in this equation, and helps Baal make this Dungeon and Dragon*s*.

    And something tells me that Drakon is getting a, er, slower intro to magic is real then Tiburon. That’s, not quite what I mean though… Drakon is concentrating mostly on getting to Sarah and Matt and doesn’t care who he rips through to get there, much less who/what helps him do so. So, most of this is being provisionally accepted, with the caveat of “Worry about later.” So, I think I”m dancing around that Drakon is also in the “Just go with it,” mode. Also, he’s not running around in Baal’s dungeon. Which is a very good thing he got to miss out on, because Household vessel, Dungeon Master it originates from, magoi, and Aladdin needing help from allies, *NOW,* would have meant he wouldn’t have gotten out without scales.

    Whoa, endorphins do funny things to me. And I didn’t even do much…. I hate getting back into shape after winter, it epically sucks. But falling over from exercise induced asthma is worse, so spring conditioning it is.


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