Whispers of Fire ficbit – Stars

Alibaba faded back into the shadows behind a wagon on the edge of camp, leaning against a handy rock with a sigh of relief. He’d grabbed his portion of stew fast, meaning he hadn’t gotten more than half a bowl, but he had a few apples to go with it. Besides, he wasn’t all that hungry. He might not feel the heat like the rest of the caravan, but it seemed to suck a lot of the appetite out of him anyway.

It was weird, though. Usually if it was hot enough to kill hunger, it left people tired to the bone. Like the rest of the caravan was tired.

I’m not tired.

Not as tired as he should be. More like he’d just spent the morning walking, instead of all the blazing day and well after sunset.

The stars are beautiful out here.

The Straw Thief’s Way spread a brilliant belt of stars leading south, all the way to Balbadd and beyond. With a map of wells and the stars, he could always find the way home.

Of course, if he mentioned the Straw Thief’s Way to the people he was traveling with, at least half of them would look at him as if he’d lost his mind. To the northern Oasis Cities, that was the Dragon’s Tail, flung into the stars by their ancient hero who’d defeated the Great Dragon.

In Imuchakk, it’s the Birds’ Path, Alibaba thought, sweeping his gaze across that arc of starry blue. Heliohapt, the Pool of Cow’s Milk. Reim, the Rock’s Nursing. In Partevia, the Silver River.

His tutors had made sure he knew them all. Because you couldn’t trade with people if you didn’t know them – and if what you knew still went wrong, a merchant had to be able to get back. For his family, and his people.

I wonder what it is in Sindria?

…I wonder what it is in Katarg. I never got the chance to ask Morgiana.

If I see her again, I will.


57 thoughts on “Whispers of Fire ficbit – Stars

  1. Star navigation . . . very handy in those days or those places without GPS (and with them because sometimes the GPS is not working. Or is goofy.)

    Katarg the name of where Morgiana is from originally? Or they finally give the Fanalis homeland a name other than the Dark Continent?

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    1. Katarg is the name Morgiana gives for her homeland in the manga and the anime. Apparently it’s the name the Fanalis used for that part of the Dark Continent.

      And yes. The variety of names the Milky Way has is awesome. All of those names are based on actual RL myths. 🙂


  2. It’s going to be ‘interesting when Merchant!Alibaba finally returns to Balbadd and starts making waves.

    Because from what I understand Cassim’s crew only got as far as they did with Alibaba’s help and the Kou/Al-Thamen presence was because of the rebellion(causing Black Rukh etc) and massive debt that the Kingdom was incurring.

    And with Alibaba’s tendency to listen to the word on the street, it will be pretty obvious what sort of trap Ahbmad is leading the Kingdom into. Problem is, what can he do?

    Convincing or overthrowing Ahbmad isn’t going to work so he needs to get control of the money and spending somehow to thus control/deal with the debt.

    Considering the potential size of the.debt and my lack of experiance in large-scale economics the only suggestion I could make is a South Sea Company* style scam but since Alibaba actually has morals he won’t go that route (I think).

    *For a further explanation of the sheer insanity of the SSC and the effects it had on Britan check out Extra History’s ‘England: South Sea Bubble’ on youtube.


    1. Was just reading the Wikipedia entry on that. Yow.

      First Alibaba has to figure out what he thinks is going on, then what he can do about it. ATM (I just roughed chapter 2, and started 3,) Alibaba only knows some of the problem – still enough to be very, very scary by itself. And the first thing he sees is that Balbadd is dying through lack of trade, because all legitimate trade is going through the Kou Empire.

      Note, “legitimate”.

      Also note, Balbadd is canonically one city on the mainland and hundreds of islands.

      …I strongly suspect the first King of Balbadd didn’t get to that position by politics, but by being one of the best pirates/smugglers of the time….


      1. >…I strongly suspect the first King of Balbadd didn’t get to that position by politics, but by being one of the best pirates/smugglers of the time….>
        Smuggler, pirate, merchant, king. It’s amazing how much those terms can overlap.


    2. Like I said, he has morals and so won’t go for it.

      But still that is a massive amount of debt and expenses he has to somehow neutralize. It wouldn’t even be like taking out a loan from Sindria since Ahmbad is still spending money like it’s nothing.

      So while paying back the debt he also has to somehow reduce or stop Ahmbad’s and the other nobles constant spending. That’s going to be the big problem.


      1. That’s true; but first he has to find out that’s part of the problem. IIRC, in canon he didn’t know that until Sabhmad brought word to the Fog Troupe, at the very last moment. In this AU Alibaba may find that out earlier, but he hasn’t identified that as a problem just yet.


  3. Smuggler, pirate, merchant, king. It’s amazing how much those terms can overlap.

    Well, a lot of time which of those you are depends entirely on a person’s perspective. One man’s pirate is another man’s merchant.

    Like I bet the Spanish have much different view of Sir Francis Drake than the English. (Along with the other English Captains encouraged by their government to raid Spanish ships).

    Also see what Portugal called a trading post empire and the locals viewed as piracy (to put it mildly).

    Re: Alibaba and the Economic Mess

    Unfortunately fixing Balbbad’s economy rather than wrecking Kou’s is going take more than the careful application of fire. Darn it.

    Not that careful application of fire to certain pieces of paper shouldn’t happen eventually.

    Okay maybe the bunnies love the image of Kou’s logistics taking a big hit by having their medium of exchange reduced to piles of ash.

    Apparently never put all of your eggs in one basket isn’t an expression in Balbadd. Or it’s one that Alibaba’s brother never got.


    1. I’m not entirely sure Alibaba will be able to fix the economic mess, in this AU. But the bunnies think he ought to get a chance to try. And give Al-Thamen ulcers in the process. Which might, in turn, draw the evil bastards into even more direct action – and that, the South Seas Alliance might be able to do something about!

      And yes, Alibaba is definitely going to target the Fan. In more than one way. *EG*


      1. *Snrk* Not just fire. Alibaba has plans.

        …I’m looking forward to Abhmad foaming at the mouth. And Sinbad to Ja’far, once he finds out what’s going on: “Someone out there is a genius. Or desperate. Possibly both.”

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      2. I’m not entirely sure Alibaba will be able to fix the economic mess, in this AU.

        Not sure he can either. The mess has going been on too long for that. At least not in the time he’s got. Especially since Kou and Al-Thamen aren’t likely to leave Balbadd alone long enough for him to fix it.

        But agree that he should at least have the chance.

        And I’m all for giving Al-Thamen an ucler. That is the least those little evil pains deserve. Yes, I realize that some of them fell into depravity after some very unfair circumstances and tactics but not all of them. And those are just wastes of perfectly good carbon atoms.


      3. Unfortunately, I suspect that the best case scenario Alibaba may be able to pull off is one where the Kou have a hold on the city of Balbadd, but not the islands. Which… would give the Kou Empire what they were looking for, a base to hit the rest of the world from – but it’d leave the option of hope for a lot of Alibaba’s people.


      4. >And yes, Alibaba is definitely going to target the Fan. In more than one way. *EG*>
        If he actually managed to devalue or make people lose trust in the Fan it might be even worse than burning it all up.

        I mean that’s what a paper/promissory note economy is based on, trust.

        If through Alibaba’s actions the other Kingdoms refuse to accept Fan as payment anymore, Kou’s economy is going to crash and burn. Because if they want to trade outside the Kingdom at all, they will have to sell commodities to get outside currency and than use that. And that sort of discrepancy in currency standards as it were can really mess you up.

        Britain had that issue prior to the whole Opium war thing with China. Britain was nuts about tea and had to buy it all from China. Problem was that China used a silver standard (unlike Europe who used gold) and would only except silver as payment. There were other economic imbalances but that was a big one.


  4. “Someone out there is a genius. Or desperate. Possibly both.”

    “And I can’t wait to meet them!”
    “. . .”
    “What? Whoever it is sure to be not-boring!”
    “. . . . I am never going to live that down am I?”

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  5. Re: The islands

    That would give them a lot of hope.

    And I can see some of his people harassing Kou’s attempts to operate out of their mainland port.

    Because the kings probably isn’t the only Balbadd citizen was originally more of a pirate than a merchant.

    And given the nature of black markets and smugglers, I wonder how many have been smuggling goods in and out via those islands despite the official “we only trade with Kou”?


    1. >The islands>
      Good lord. Is Alibaba going to end up making a Magi equivalent of Libertalia here?

      It could even work. If Alibaba managed to create a sort of smuggler’s citystate in the islands that could sustain itself like Sindria then opened up space for ‘settlers’ from Balbadd, the commoners and middle class (if there are any left) would desert the city for Alibaba’s like rats fleeing a sinking, burning ship.

      The only people left would be nobles etc that were subsisting off the Fan and a few unfortunates. The Kou may get the city but it will a financial and logistic noose around their necks as the entire workforce (skilled or otherwise) up and left. And I don’t care how many slaves you can buy and ship in, replacing an entire city’s workforce is not easy.

      And they won’t even be able to touch Alibaba’s city as Sinbad will be sitting there with that sh*t-eating grin on his face explaining a couple of things.
      1: This isn’t Balbadd. There have been no agreements made so the Kou have no right to enslave these people in the name of the debt Balbadd has built up.
      2:The Kou could attack and conquer/enslave the people but considering (insert Alibaba’s city name here) is the newest member of the Seven Seas Alliance…..well Sinbad and the other Kings would have to respond to such actions appropriately. That is suddenly, violently and all over the place.

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  6. So… I’m loving this and de-lurking to share a bit of accounting knowledge 😀

    Interesting thing about what accountants call the balance sheet, it is divided into two parts, assets and liabilities. These are further divided into current and non-current.

    Now, the important thing to note is that, when assessing the financial position of a company, what auditors do is look at the total assets less the total liability.

    This means that if I translate all my assets to all my liabilities, will I have a surplus (positive) or a deficit (negative).

    If I have a surplus, it may not be comfortable, but I can cover all my debts.

    So, first point:

    Now the interesting thing about Balbadd’s spending spree is this. I’m sure they spent on entertainment, but I’m also sure they spent on assets. These would be paintings, sculptures and other luxury items.

    Items that increase in value over time if their creators are famous.

    Items that can potentially accumulate to 10 times the original cost over the course of 5 years. I wonder if Alibaba thinks it is morally incorrect to *ahem*, obtain and sell items which were bought using money that was supposed to go to Balbadd in the first place, he had no problem helping out the Fog Troupe after all.

    Second point:

    Nestled inside the non-current assets are what accountants call Cash Generating Units (CGU). Modern definition, CGU are things you own that you can use to make money. Examples are property you rent out, ships you use if you own a transportation business, warehouses you use so you can charge for usage, etc. One key CGU is land. Land is always valuable and always, always increases in value

    One sign a business is doing badly? It sells its CGU. You can be heavily in debt, you can have a net current liability, but if you can hang on to your CGU? You still have a chance.

    Oh, look. Kou never negotiated for any of Balbadd’s CGU (Land! Warehouses! The ports! Heck, even the little islands that they can develop then sell/rent to nobles as holiday places!)

    Wonder how much Balbadd is worth to Kou if Alibaba buys up all access rights to the CGU’s. Afterall, Kou is only interested about the people. And considering how idiotic Balbadd’s nobles are, I’m sure they will sell land rights for cheap. Land rights that will always appreciate and which can then be converted to private property.

    Kou may own Balbadd’s people, but they can’t do much if they are forbidden from even entering the port. Unless they pay, and the only currency they have is Fan…

    Which brings me to my third point:

    The Fan. The problem with the Fan is there is no control over how much is printed. Which raises the problem/solution that if I have an asset, and I hold on to it, especially a current asset which will appreciate as the value of the Fan depreciates, it is actually in my interest to hold on to it, because the value of my liability (debt) is going down as the value of my asset is going up. I have a net asset (surplus).

    We are aware of this, we call it foreign exchange gains/losses. It is why we wait for a favourable rate before exchanging money when we go on holiday, so we have a ‘gain’.

    Technically, if Balbadd is taking loans and marking them against the people, then the smart thing to do would be to get assets (inventory, trade goods, etc) and sell them as and when the debt is due.

    Furthermore, if Banker was doing this smart, he would tell the King, the debt is repayable in 3-5 years, every time, so you don’t have to repay the debt at once.

    Frankly, if you look at it this way, with the way the Fan is depreciating, Alibaba could probably go to a few merchant countries, rent out the rights to certain ports (Port 1, 2, 3) for a fixed cashflow, sell half of the ships owned by the Royal Family (CGU but probably not in use so not a bad trade) and maybe give the right to develop some nearby islands to merchant groups and unions, and he may drag Balbadd out of its current debt position.

    Think about it, it is not the debt, it is the cashflow. Even if I owe 10 billion dollars, it is not going to faze me too much if I have to repay it over the course of 10 years and the amount I pay this year is 3 million. This is why all loans are attached with an interest rate in the modern world, to make up for the time value of money.

    Any more and things will get complicated. *Looks at above explanation*

    Well, more complicated, but basically, in cash terms Balbadd may be in trouble, but in modern accounting terms? If managed well, they aren’t sunk yet.

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    1. Hmm. Historically, double-entry bookkeeping was a medieval-to-early-Renaissance invention. (I’ve actually been looking this up lately. *G* ) So I’m not sure even the best Balbadd merchants would have access to all of this overview to lay it out as a solvable problem. But it’d be likely they’d have some of it. So… interesting. Very, very interesting….

      Thanks, the bunnies will definitely want to chew on this! 🙂

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      1. I can say a lot of things, but my suggestion? Go read or watch Maoyuu Maou Yuusha. It gives you an idea how medieval economics can evolve into what we have today. Not everything is applicable but one thing stands out in my mind:

        Wheat. In the show, one of the characters, Merchant, is part of a group of merchants, and they start buying wheat. All of it, whatever they can get their hands on. This, of course, inflates the price of wheat until only the nobles can afford to buy it, then they resell it for a much higher price.

        The Southern Kingdoms noticed this early on and started their own stock pile. They also had an advantage, they grew wheat and potatoes, an alternate crop. So, they put a tax on the crops exiting the Kingdom, stockpiled what they had and basically made a small profit while shifting themselves into a much better position.

        This is an oversimplification of a very nice scenario. However, when applied to Magi, there is one very important element to add:

        Control over money

        Because the kingdoms in the manga had been using currency for years, there was a strict control over the quantity of money moving at any one time. However, in Magi, there is no such control over the Fan, we know this because, if they are introducing the Fan in such large quantities to multiple kingdoms, this means they are just devaluing their own currency, without modern accounting practices to control this.

        Technically, Alibaba could buy up a necessity and make a killing that could cover the debt, because just by sitting on it, the trade value to the Fan grows, but the debt of Balbadd does not :D.

        Also, if you’re interested, go read up on the US dollar, the gold standard and the Gold Reserve Act. The background is, in the past? The US had fixed the dollar to the gold, and this controlled their printing of the dollar. This was during the time US had become an economic powerhouse, and part of it was trust in the currency, because it was backed by gold. This is an indication on how people gain trust in the currency and why it works 😀

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      2. I’ve seen Maoyu; the Young Merchant’s economic Roaring Rampage of Revenge is impressive, indeed. And it was part of the inspiration for Economics and Whispers. 🙂

        I do have an idea for Alibaba to start up on an alternate currency, but I suspect part of the problem is that the Bankers are part of Al-Thamen – meaning they may very well know modern accounting tricks brought over from the old world, just like Magic Tools.

        It might not be so easy to buy up a necessity in the Magi ‘verse either, given Balbadd is a tropical climate and storing things like wheat or potatoes ends up being a bit dicey.

        But these are good ideas, and I’ll see where the bunnies take them! 🙂


    2. A key problem in this is what rights, specifically, Abhmad signed away and when. Going by what Kougyoku says in manga 7 (when Alibaba’s dissolving the monarchy), by that time the Kou Empire has possession of the trade rights, maritime rights, air rights (guess that makes sense for flying carpet users) and land rights. Ow.

      (I’m wondering if the Banker used any persuasion magic on Abhmad and the nobles, because that sounds like a case of mass Too Stupid To Live.)

      About the only way I can see for Alibaba to get some wiggle room is, what exactly did the agreements specify on all of these?

      For this, I plan to compare Balbadd to a city of somewhat similar design – Venice.

      In which case, “land rights” may not mean at all what the Kou Empire thinks they mean. Because there’s “terra firma” – the solid land on the continent – and then there’s Everything Else. Islands can be built, dredged out of existence, erode… in a sense, they’re not land at all.

      Arguing out from there, if their marine rights are just “the waters around Balbadd”, then the ports and travel through the islands may not count. I’m sure the Empire would try to make it count – but Alibaba might have a place to start arguing from.

      As for air and trade rights – I’m not sure what Alibaba would want to do about air once he realizes the Kou Empire can launch airborne assaults, but he’d want to do something.

      But for trade? I suspect it’ll be along the lines of, “Screw you. Gotta catch me first…..”

      That, and he has some plans to wreck the Fan. They have to be careful plans, because he’s trying not to hurt people who are already starving. But he does have the start of a plan.


      1. A key problem in this is what rights, specifically, Abhmad signed away and when.

        I love the idea of Alibaba shamelessly doing massive Loophole Abuse . . .

        Or something they just plain overlooked or messed up in the wording. Because Al-Thamen are still human enough to make Human Error a real possibility . . .

        Or things they hadn’t yet got Abhmad to agree to. Like some of their agreements only mention the mainland capital and not the islands. Because they cared more about controlling that port or assumed that the islands were part of it because they were implied to in the agreement (which in contracts means nothing) or just thought they could deal with the islands later.

        Or potential sabotage and/or subterfuge like playing three-card monty with the treaties and banking Abhmad’s habit of not paying much attention to what he signs . . .

        Or something equally sneaky.

        Just something that shows that not everyone in the noble class and otherwise involved in this cluster, etc, has had their brain completely disengaged for the last three years.


  7. Just had a thought about Balbadd.

    We know that it’s called a Kingdom and that it’s head of state is the monarch. But what if structurally, it was more like a confederation?

    Here is the Wikipedia definition of confederation: “A confederation (also known as a confederacy or league) is a union of sovereign states, united for purposes of common action often in relation to other states. Usually created by treaty, confederations of states tend to be established for dealing with critical issues, such as defense, foreign relations, internal trade or currency, with the general government being required to provide support for all its members.”

    Maybe Amhbad’s (sp?) actions with Kou violated the treaty?

    That treaty and its terms might be an obscure bit of legal trivia that hasn’t been brought up in a very long time but Alibaba was a good student.

    Forgive me if that was confusing. The bunny presenting it was a little unclear.


    1. Added note from the Wikipedia article about confederations: “Since the member states of a confederation retain their sovereignty, they have an implicit right of secession.


    2. Hmm. While that might be technically possible, the info we have from canon is that Balbadd is a monarchy and Abhmad is king of it. Alibaba trying to turn it into a democracy (canon) was looked on as weird, dangerous, and possibly not likely to work. If it’d been a confederacy beforehand, he could have had them break up with much less trouble.


      1. Confederations are usually democracies but they don’t have to be.

        Just trying to think of ways of undercutting any argument Kou might raise that the island nation-state Alibaba might form are not a sovereign nation but simple rebellious territory of their recently conquered province of Balbadd.

        Granted, they will probably make that argument regardless.

        But they might have less legs to stand on if the Balbadd was structurally more a like of bunch of independent to semi-independent city-states.

        And if the islands are far enough part from each other and the mainland, they have to be at least semi-independent because that tends to happen when it takes a while for stuff like messages to go between one place or another. And their speediest transport to those islands appears to be sailing ships.

        Of course, a lot of nations start out being considered the rebellious territory of another country. 😉

        Being considered sovereign state is usually a matter of other countries considering you to be a sovereign country. If they are part of the Seven Seas Alliance, than they have that acknowledgement. 🙂


  8. >…I wonder what it is in Katarg. I never got the chance to ask Morgiana.
    If I see her again, I will.>
    You know there is a potentially tearjerker aspect to this bit.

    Considering just how young she was when taken as a slave, she might not even know. Hell, from what I can tell the entire Fanalis cuilture was more or less destroyed some time before even Sinbad’s adventure by the entire population being taken as slaves.

    The only Fanalis populations that aren’t descended from slaves or foromer slaves themselves seem to be within/on the other side of The Great Rift. And they can’t enter the rest of the world.

    I mean the largest concentration of ‘human’ Fanalis in existence seems to be the Fanalis Corps in the Reim Empire. And unless they have other kin that weren’t part of the attack on the Magnostadt, I’d say there are less than 100 Fanalis in all the human lands.

    Any culture, beliefs, way of life etc that they once had is just gone. All they can do is try and be part of the existing kingdoms.


    1. The fate of the Fanalis annoys the heck out of me. You transform everyone into human-shaped beings, and then one group can go get their original shape back, but at the cost of never coming back? Argh.

      …Granted, if they could shift voluntarily they’d be even more scary!


      1. >The fate of the Fanalis annoys the heck out of me. You transform everyone into human-shaped beings, and then one group can go get their original shape back, but at the cost of never coming back? Argh. >
        Actually from what I read on the wiki (check ‘Dark Continent’) and manga the Fanalis’s fate was tied to their original resistance to the madness emanations etc made by the original human society. Their willpower/life force etc was just so strong that attempts to mentally effect them just didn’t work.

        And when Ugo was making the new world he apparently just couldn’t convert most of the Fanalis and the Origin Dragon, resulting in having to make the ‘Other Side’ past the Great Rift where the laws of Alma Torran.still apply and presumably the vast majority of the Fanalis live.

        Now here comes the scary part. Considering that we have human and base form Fanalis that means those that became humans were those with lesser willpower/lifeforce/whatever. The rest ended up on the other side of the Rift.

        That means that Morgiana, little miss ‘I tear apart mountainsides with my bare hands’ along with all the other insanely powerful and resilient Fanalis…..are all descended from the freaking runts of the litter. Those who were weak enough that Ugo could actually alter them as he reshaped the world.


      2. >My bunnies want them all to run off together and be terrifying shapeshifters. Heh.>
        Hey only you know what might happen to Morgan in the future of the ‘Comes Around’ AU.

        After all Ugo’s reality shaping made the Fanalis human on the Magi world/Dungeons and in the AU, Earth.

        So what happens when they get transported to another world?

        Alan: Colonel, why are you pointing your gun at Morgan?
        Jake: Ryans in case you didn’t notice, your girlfriend just turned into a giant fanged, clawed monster.
        Alan: And your point is?
        Aladdin: Huh, so that’s what Red Lions looked like. Pretty.


  9. So what happens when they get transported to another world?

    Hmmm . . . I wonder what effect that would have on Alan – and likely Simon and most of his motley crew – considering their magoi is shifting their bodies as far back to their previous incarnation as possible and I seriously doubt most of them are fully human. Probably won’t bother Spartos incarnation too much since I believe he is from Sasan. But the rest of them? Oh boy . . .

    Maybe not fully shape-shifting into X – Alan and Simon are probably too much of mixed mutts for that but something?

    Okay, maybe the bunnies are simply amused by the image of Simon (or Sinbad) with his (in my headcanon) dragon heritage much more obvious . . .
    “Doesn’t having a tail all of sudden throw you off?”
    “Nope! I’m having more trouble with the wings! Yeah, do you think I could learn to fly? Because that would be awesome.”
    Person walks away muttering about weirdos who never react to situations appropriately. Sudden transformations are supposed to freak people out, gosh darn it.


    1. Eh, I suspect that would take a lot more of a push than just being on another planet. I suspect the Magi world may be in another universe!

      But yes, their reaction to the weird probably is up there with SG team levels. “Anyone bleeding? Insane? Dead? Okay, we’ll work on everything else….”


      1. Oh aye.

        Slightly less dramatic, but if Janet ever does a DNA test on this bunch, she is not going to believe her eyes.
        Looks at results.
        Janet: O.O
        Re-does test. Still the same.
        Janet: O.O “General, I think you need to see this.”

        I like the Magi crew’s reaction to weird. But it will probably weird out the SG teams because they aren’t used to civilians having that mentally. Heck, they aren’t used to military personnel having that mentality – usually it takes a couple of off-world missions (provided you survive them).

        Through it might be eye-twitching if the Magi considers at least some of other planets considered by SGC to be dangerous to be a little bit on the dull side. Not that they are careless there, it’s just the average Dungeon has more deadly obstacles, flora, and fauna.


      2. Hmm. Given I’m placing the Magi characters as the original PIE, there’s probably a fair scatter of nonhuman remnants in regular Earth humans. Granted, the Magi crew’s got a lot more of them than Janet would be used to seeing… 😉

        *Snrk* Just the average dungeon?

        Desert Hyacinth, anyone? I would so love to see SG-1 deal with that….


      3. >Through it might be eye-twitching if the Magi considers at least some of other planets considered by SGC to be dangerous to be a little bit on the dull side. Not that they are careless there, it’s just the average Dungeon has more deadly obstacles, flora, and fauna.>
        Jake: Right you need to be careful around here. There’s this dump-truck sized six-legged tiger-thing that the boys dubbed ‘Hexapuma” for some reason.
        Alan: Dangerous?
        Jake: Need to empty a couple of mags into one of the things to convince them we aren’t happy meals. Worse yet they heal crazy fast since the ones we shoot keep coming back.
        Alan: You mean like that one?
        *Hexapuma charges out of the forest while SG1 tries to shoot it. It slams to a halt in front of Morgan and roars a challenge in her face. Morgan roars right back. The Hexapuma whimpers, cowers in submission and crawls backward out of sight.*

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      4. >Celery. *G* Treecats like celery. But treecats also fish – and make nets to do it!>
        Gah, brainfart. I have the books, I know they like celery. Don’t ask me why I wrote lettuce.


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