Through the Cracks Ch3 bit – Harmless

“They could try telling us the truth,” Kerowyn grumbled.

“But they won’t, because that might give us an opening to ask them to pay up,” Eldan said shrewdly. “And given what we know about Yamato politics, and magic, they have to assume we might literally ask for their lives.” Dark brows drew down. “So, in order to avoid incurring any more debt, they’ve been keeping their problems to themselves?”

Kaoru nodded. “So when I ran into Kenshin, I thought-” She flushed. “Well, first I thought he was Hiruma Gohei. Or – who Gohei was pretending to be….”

“Which he actually was,” Kerowyn observed, tongue in cheek. “Imagine that.”

“You wouldn’t have!” Kaoru sputtered. “He just looked at me with that innocent Oro, and his eyes bugged out, and he just jumped away from my swing and crash-landed in a pile of barrels, for gods’ sake….” She flung up her hands. “I swear, he looked harmless!”

Eldan raised interested brows. “Harmless?”

Completely harmless,” Kaoru said grumpily. “Scooped me out of the blade’s path before Gohei could slice me in two, let Megumi herd him back to the dojo carrying me, bandaged me up, let Ayame and Suzume crawl all over him and ‘help’ him make breakfast… all I thought he was, was some really lost rurouni who didn’t want to fight.” She rolled her eyes. “So I thought I’d offer him a place to stay. How much trouble could he be? Don’t say I told you so, Megumi, you didn’t know either….”

Kerowyn stifled a snicker. “And Yahiko?”

“He needs someplace,” Kaoru said softly. “And if I’m going to make this work, I need a student.” She smiled wryly. “I admit I was pretty surprised when Kenshin dropped him in my dojo and said ‘stay’, and I wish the kid would stop calling me ugly, but – he’s not a bad kid.”

:Definitely not,: Sayvel laughed. :Just watch, Eldan. You want a samurai Chosen? Wait a few years, and you’re going to get one.:


19 thoughts on “Through the Cracks Ch3 bit – Harmless

  1. “Which he actually was,” Kerowyn observed, tongue in cheek. “Imagine that.”

    Trust me, Gohei and his thugs were surprised too. Very surprised.

    Eldan raised interested brows. “Harmless?”

    Kenshin is very good at looking harmless. Part of it is because in some ways, he is. By which I mean, he is gentle when he can be and has no desire to fight or kill if he doesn’t have to. As long as you aren’t a threat to him or his own, Kenshin could be considered very harmless.

    Probably doesn’t help that he doesn’t look dangerous to most people either. Now people like Kerowyn don’t do that but most people? Nope. Their reaction is always “But he’s tiny! And . . . tiny!”

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes they are. 😉

        But a lot of people either forget or don’t realize because a cat has never adopted them that Fluffy is a itty bitty tiger that lives in your house.

        But good luck getting some of the humans to recognize that little fact. Even they learn who is, some of them will still probably underestimate him thinking those Battousai stories were exaggerated . . . no one swordsman could possibly be that deadly . . . especially one this small . . .

        Here is a quote: “Because I be a cat. And no cat out of its first fur is ever deceived by appearances unlike human beings who seem to enjoy it.”

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      2. >But a lot of people either forget or don’t realize because a cat has never adopted them that Fluffy is a itty bitty tiger that lives in your house.>
        I believe watching said itty bitty tiger making a complete derp of itself chasing the little red light all around the room.doesn’t help matters.

        Liked by 4 people

      3. Nope. Tends to make them all the cuter!

        …and my brain throws in Kenshin chasing a little red dot right up a wall — and //through// a wall. Gah.

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I have legitimately already seen at least one AO3 fic and one tumblr ficlet involving the Voltron Lions and lasers dots. It was certainly everything I hoped it would be.

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