Post-NaNo Update: On Firing Chekovs and Other Hazards

First, have some tiny eggs OF DOOM.

Widow eggs2

Yep, those are the black widow egg cases. Weird little things, aren’t they?

So. After batting around that smirking Chekov like a badminton birdie with a beta reader, I figured out there was another way to fire it. It’s still going to take some chewing on for when would be most effective to fire it. I have a rough idea where it goes in the fight, but not exactly where. Yet.

Part of the problem is a Thirty Xanatos Pileup. I know, TVTropes calls it Gambit Pileup these days, but Xanatos is my go-to guy for Complicated Evil Plans, so there. There are no less than three separate factions currently duking it out in the middle of the battlespace our heroes have to cross. Somehow. Without getting fried, drowned, poisoned, or flat-out squished.

(Compared to most of the critters involved, yes, our heroes are pretty squishy.)

So plotting this is being more than a bit of a pain. I need to set the stage well, because once any one of those factions realizes the good guys made it to the party after all, things will get very dangerous, very quickly.

I suspect this is going to take a lot of successive approximation. I.e., write a version, stare at it, modify and write a little farther, repeat….

OTOH, if this works, I get to completely wreck a golf course. Heh.


10 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: On Firing Chekovs and Other Hazards

  1. OTOH, if this works, I get to completely wreck a golf course. Heh.

    Always fun.

    Through that will get the politicians and other powerful people nashing their teeth at them. Again. Depending on which golf course they wreck. One of those fancy, country club type ones? The rich people who play there and the politicians who schmooze there are going to want the heroes’ heads on a pike. The city golf course where the plebeians play? Mostly bitching about the cost to the city coffers. Especially since if I know bad guys, there was probably OTHER destruction of public and private property and since bad guys rarely hang around to be yelled at and/or fined for that kind of mess, guess who gets stuck getting that behind-chewing?

    Weird little things, aren’t they?


    Maybe the spikes are remind everyone that there are deadly critters within and without?

    Black widow spiders are metal right from the egg sack . . .

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      1. I knew some of them had to be survive because politicians are like roaches. You can never seem to get rid of all of them . . . plus, with a number of politicians that means there is a power vacuum and people vying to get it filled by themselves. And probably thinking that they can score brownie points with those they need to score points with by yelling at the people who wrecked the town (or at the people who were at the site of said wrecking and didn’t run away fast enough . . . .)

        Well this is a spider that considers murder to be part of normal courtship . . .

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    1. Will they be yelling four to be witty, or as a directional comeback (like the more usual three, six, nine and twelve in military slang)? Will someone yell four to be witty, but one of the heroes or villains mistake it for directional and turn just in time to catch someone sneaking up on them, or turn just in time to allow someone to sneak up on them from their new blind spot?

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