Post-NaNo Update: Fighting Challenge

And here I come to the “trying to avoid violence” part of dealing with the bad guys in Seeds of Blood. Because our main characters are, indeed, trying to avoid unnecessary violence. In part because they’re working with the cops, and in part because more bloodshed is exactly what a city with a near-active Demongate does not need.

But mostly? The Bad they’re dealing with is very bad, and very powerful, and the kind of thing that makes most hardened monster-hunters turn around and bolt for the next state. If not the next continent.

Sometimes you need to think your way around a fight.

…And sometimes you need to research the heck out of anything possibly related to your Bad, so you can hit it with enough “works on close monsters” to at least slow it down.

Our heroes did that. Which means they survive this bit….


18 thoughts on “Post-NaNo Update: Fighting Challenge

  1. Our heroes did that. Which means they survive this bit….

    Always the first hurtle – just surviving whatever it is that goes wrong.

    If you are lucky, survival is the biggest hurtle.

    If you are unlucky, politics and other factors might strive to make that life-and-death struggle not to die or let the world die preferably the easy part.

    Fighting monsters can be easy. You just need to know what can stop them, do that, and hopefully not get eaten in the process.

    Politics and other dealings with your sentients tends to be more complicated. Because it seems sentient beings love to over-complicate things. (Yes, some – okay, a lot – things aren’t simple with one-size fits all answers but still . . .)

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      1. Of course.

        Sometimes, I think if it wasn’t for the fact that world was where the heroes lived and kept their stuff – and having too strong of a moral compass to stand idly by while the world is destroyed – it would probably be really tempting to throw up one’s hands and say “The heck with y’all. Save the world yourself next time.”

        Or just promising themselves that when it all goes to pot, they will be telling each and every one of those petty so-and-sos that don’t get eaten “I told you so.”

        Might not actually do it but they might think about it. It’s tempting. Like it’s tempting to tell them that they made their bed and now they will have to lie in it when they realize their mistakes. If they do. Human nature being human nature, some of them probably would insist they were right regardless of any evidence to the contrary (like that monster that’s eating them).

        Just saying that it can be very frustrating to keep having to clean up someone else’s mess because they don’t listen, gosh darn it. And how tempting it would be to just leave if you could and let the people who are convinced they know better than you prove it by saving their own hides for a change.

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      2. *sigh* Ya see, this is why I like GaoGaiGar. The good guys may blow up Jupiter’s possessed moons*, but they’re a //government sanctioned// set of good guys. They have built in Hero Insurance!

        I also like Tiger & Bunny’s take on the whole hero genre. Super condensed version? Government Sanctioned Corporate Sponsored Super Heroes on Reality TV. Its a fun show to poke at; mixes enough levity with seriousness to feel //real//.

        *The Big Bad turned Jupiter’s moons into its own personal army of giant robots piloted by its component parts, I kid you not.

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      3. Of course giant robots. Why not giant robots?

        After doing a search on anime and Miskatonic and finding “Demonbane” on Crunchyroll, I have concluded that anime-makers think even Lovecraft can be improved with giant robots.

        …Granted, considering the Old Ones, they might have a point. 😉

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      4. I think the cutest take on a Old One I’ve ever seen was in Disgaea. The series also involved giant robots… along with a lot of other out of this world stuff. You might like Zetta. He’s… a character, I’ll just say that. *evil grin*

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      5. One of my favorite crosses is Lovecraft/Evangelion. It is the reason I watched Pacific Rim, despite not being much of a movie goer.

        I enjoyed the CoaEG that John Biles and Rod something wrote, but I’m more of a fan of the Sic Semper Morituri which was inspired by that. In SSM, the Evangelions are explicitly ancient terror weapons made with the ability to kill such things. I understand that SSM, if completed, would have killed off all the Great Old Ones who didn’t make a separate peace.

        My Worm/Valdemar multicross AU? The reason my bunnies put that together was for the end game of Taylor using an Evangelion to solve the worst of Earth Bet’s problems. After going through a lot of trouble and getting involved with a crowd her father would not have approved of had he been aware of what his consent would bring. (In fairness to the magic talking horse, it really had anticipated that a few years of training would be followed by a long and not too deadly career.)

        I like GaoGaiGar. Reminding me of how great it is has me wondering which of its villains might be appropriate for my other recent story about Evangelions slightly improving the world by munching down on mythos and mythos lite entities.

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      6. What’s that line from One Punch Man?

        “If you’re not on the Hero Registry, you’re just a weirdo in a funny outfit”?

        I have to admit, as convenient as government sanction and funding would be, there’s something fundamentally… offensive …about the idea that one must be “official” (especially government official) to save the day/world/universe.

        I’m not sure what that something is, but it’s there.

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      7. Technically any police force or firefighters (even hospitals at a stretch) is a government sanctioned and funded group whose purpose is, well usually not to save the world, but at least the day. We just don’t usually associate them with running around in tights and capes; going off to punch someone’s head in. If any of those groups is doing that, something has gone drastically wrong. (The punching bit. Depending on circumstances, tights and capes may be involved.)

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      8. you don’t need permission to be a good Samaritan!

        … That may be it. ^_^

        “How dare you tell me I’m not allowed to do good without your permission!”

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      9. Might be a case of level of good. Rescue cat from tree? No problem! Knock down the tree into traffic to rescue the cat?

        Kinda gonna cause a problem…

        I’m with Justice League Animated’s Green Arrow on this: “I’m an old lefty. The government must do what the people cannot do for themselves.” Granted, that also means there needs to be //balance//. Overreach in any one direction is going to cause a much larger problem than a tree blocking traffic.

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