Keygate Ficbit – Why We Fight

Naminé gave him a look that should have scorched him to the bone. But she pressed her lips together, glancing up at Tseng.

The Turk leader raised an eyebrow, then met Vincent’s gaze. “The young lady had an interesting request.”

“I wanted to meet people who weren’t Keyed,” the Nobody said, voice thick with unshed tears. “I wanted to know what Sora was fighting for. What all of you fight for.” She sniffled. “What Axel was fighting for. Even if he couldn’t remember it.”

“Part of what he was fighting for.” Vincent had to smile, even if it was bittersweet. “Lea always had a visceral reaction to tyrants.” He drew a breath, and met her gaze. “What did you find?”

“Axel was right. People are strange.” Her white dress ruffled in the wind as she shrugged. “But… that’s not a bad thing. Your Hearts reach out to each other. It’s so warm. I guess… I guess I know what Axel was always trying to find. What Roxas wanted, when he joined Sora to be whole. And Xion….” She looked down, shaking her head. “Axel tried to save all of us. But… he couldn’t. It’s not fair.”

“No,” Vincent agreed softly. “Twice I tried to save him. And… I failed.”

“No you haven’t.” Naminé gripped her pencil in one hand, just as he would grip Cerberus. “Not yet. If you stop Xemnas, if his Kingdom Hearts is shattered-”

“Our world has not come back in ten years,” Vincent stated. He couldn’t hope. He couldn’t.

“But it might.” Blue eyes beseeched him. “I’m Kairi’s Nobody. I can feel… some things. The Heart of your World is trapped in Xemnas’ castle. If we can free it….”

6 thoughts on “Keygate Ficbit – Why We Fight

  1. Which World’s Heart is the million zenny question. SG-1, or FF VII? Both is always an option, but I get the feeling that’s not likely.

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  2. “Our world has not come back in ten years,” Vincent stated. He couldn’t hope. He couldn’t.

    Because hope can hurt. Especially when you know that it is the longest of long shots and still might not work or be what you thought you would end up with.

    Yes, the Heart of his World (through, as pointed out, WHICH world is the five billion dollar question) might still there and they might be able to save it. Might.

    It might not. It would be just as gone as he has been thinking it has been. And it might be still be there but they aren’t strong enough / fast enough / just enough to get it back

    Yes, you might win and save your world but you could also lose and condemn it forever. If there is actually anything to save. Vincent is too smart not to know that is a very big If and a very big Might.

    Not saying that hope is a bad thing. It can be a very good and very powerful thing. But sometimes that little, dim flicker of hope hurts more than no hope at all. Because sometimes, as much as it hurts, it better to know that something or someone is gone and isn’t coming back then be left always wondering, always hoping, always dreading, never knowing when, where, how, and WHY it/they are gone and if they are ever coming back.

    It kinda of sticks you in a limbo. It’s harder to mourn the loss of something / someone and learn to live with that pain when you don’t know if one day that dim hope is going to flare into something wonderful (the lost one / thing is alive and coming back) or it is finally going to be snuffed out completely (100% proof that they are gone). You might know intellectually if something / someone has been gone for a long time that is likely gone forever but as long as you don’t know, some part of you cannot help but hope for a miracle. And that hope hurts.

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