Keygate Traverse Town up on AO3

Second chapter of Keygate: Traverse Town is up on Archive of Our Own.

Yes, this is all I have of it. I have chapters of the main story written but they got badly stuck plotwise way back and need a thorough rewrite. Drat.

Because my writing is… currently not happening. Editing, yes, I’m managing some. But RL keeps throwing Drama and Emergencies at me. I do not currently have a good fix for that.


19 thoughts on “Keygate Traverse Town up on AO3

  1. What you wrote is still head and shoulders above most stuff. And your an author, you’re allowed to use time skips to jump over what you can’t write!

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  2. Okay, Lea just joined SG6 when the mission they were on split Vincent into nobody and heartless? And the other three magicked him back together? And the reset is back to just before that mission?

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      1. I noted my mistake when I reread the bit about Sevarius. Sevarius and the NID is not a happy combination. For anyone in universe and sane. That they got their hands on the ability to do that raises all sorts of troubling issues.

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  3. Oh no I am dead now, the feels, the little additions that weren’t in the ficbits.

    Also, Riku constantly being mentioned but never appearing, hilarious and frustrating. Hilarious because it probably irritated many a Riku fans (also just plain made sense given the timing of the scenes) and frustrating because, surprise I too am one such Riku fan (meaning I’m laughing at myself), though also I am Repliku fan, they are my children both of them.

    I am suddenly imagining Daniel and Lea shenanigans with Jack in the background like ‘oh /hell/ ‘ since Daniel’s a trouble magnet and Lea seems to be, well he’s really fiery so um. Yes I imagine they could not be left alone together least something explode.

    Oh and I just realized the brilliance of having Siler of all the SGC people being the one who lands in Traverse Town with Vincent and then has to cope for ten years with all the crazy and the magic and the blending of science and tech and people who like to explode things. Because it’s SILER, he’s always the one who has shit happen to him, outside of SG1 themselves.

    Ahhh, I just love this whole thing, the way you play with canon, the way you have people with inner selves like in your other fics/crossovers, it’s always just a work of art the way you do it.

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      1. A Lea with ten extra years to gain combat experience and languages right from the source. Only it’s worse because Lea has double to combat experience, but his instincts are at war because he is no longer a floating ball of fire.

        How much does the team remember, and does Lea remember both sides now? What I’m trying to ask is does he know his team before he officially meets them?

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  4. I have to admit, this makes me want to throw Kingdom Hearts into the PS2 and play it. Also, thank you. Would have commented earlier, but my own life is currently more then crazy, so I understand the way it can just kill any creative urges.

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  5. I just had to leave a reply letting you know how much I really, really love your Kingdom Hearts fic. It sent me on an entire spree through the fandom trying to find more great fic and definitely got me attached to Axel/Lea – I just really adore your characterization of them. I’ve already read the entire thing through several times at this point and will make an effort to leave a good quality review on AO3 when things calm down in RL. If I may ask, are the bunnies planning anything else for Kingdom Hearts in general or Axel and Vincent and co specifically?

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    1. I roughed several chapters of the main fic a while back, but… it kept going around in circles because of characters having Issues. (Upset writers can get trapped that way.) It needs a rewrite. Drat.


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