Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Physics

“She came in and sniffed Teal’c to check him over, because he’s got a… thing in his chest.” Uryuu grimaced. “They didn’t twitch, they didn’t pull rifles on her; if they don’t know anything about Kabane, I bet they can’t guess about Kabaneri. But she acted weird – not weird for the mosquito, but weird for regular people – so that, they noticed.” He gave Ikoma a look askance. “You’re a steamsmith. Everybody knows steamsmiths are weird.”

“Thanks,” Ikoma said dryly. Shifted his shoulders, glancing uncomfortably at Kajika. “Am I that weird?”

Kajika stifled most of a giggle. “Just a little.” She huffed a breath, looking forward. “Though O’Neill’s people might have been distracted by something besides the Kabane.” She straightened her shoulders. “We should go over the first car.”

Okay, that he hadn’t expected. “In the rain?”

“Hell no,” Uryuu said, almost as fast. “Roof-jumping in this mess is too dangerous. Don’t give me that look. We’ve fought Kabane off a hayajiro in the rain before. Maybe Mumei could jump it; she’s been Kabaneri years, she knows what she’s doing. Your stray’s still working out how hard to hang onto people. Just look at O’Neill’s bruises. You try that in the rain, someone’s going to break bones.”

Ikoma grimaced, but didn’t argue. O’Neill was a grown man, with a lot more muscle and heavier bones than Kajika would ever have. If he ever had to grip onto her the way he had the strange bushi… she’d get hurt.

I don’t ever want to hurt her. She’s been through enough.

“But I think O’Neill’s people know something important,” Kajika insisted, leaning in. “They don’t know about Kabane, but what they said – they know how jet bullets could work. They call it the Monroh Effect.”

11 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch5 Ficbit – Physics

      1. As long as it doesn’t involve the sun going Nova… Yes Sam, no one is going to let you forget that one-

        Unfortunately, I figure for the practical parts of Science!, or especially Science!!!, the Hayajiro needs to be (or really ought to be stationary. Bonus points for flat, level ground. This would best be accomplished in some sort of fortified or at least defensible station.

        While SG-1 is currently dealing foremost with Z-Poc running through there minds, there is that counterpoint of “fusion!? train? Non-Naquadah power source? Do Want!” Well, Daniel is probably enthused with having such an interesting culture to interact with, that isn’t dust and bones…

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      2. So Sam, Jack, Danny and Teal’c discover how to dial the reverse side of the galaxy, and find themselves embroiled in the search for nine good hearted mad scientists to fight thirteen particularly evil mad scientists. (Agatha, Ikoma, et al. versus Jianyu, Hojo et al. You don’t want to know what Orochimaru got up to for the past fifteen years after being possessed by a Goa’uld. Much less what The Other can do with what the Furlings left behind.)

        Yeah, that project has been a pointless waste of energies that could have been spent working out how to torture Kirito in my Fairy Dance replacement where Sugou gets arrested one third of the way into the plot, and Kirito spends the rest of the story not being blown up, fighting people, and worrying that the Yuuki will think he is too violent for Asuna. (Japan’s political situation 2023-2024 was a little stressful, and Shouzou’s poor choices could have wound up with him imprisoned or executed. Asuna and Kazuto didn’t and don’t see everything going on with Kouichirou’s fiancee. Kazuto is a nice boy with potential in comparison.)


      3. Neither are currently imagined as comedy.

        I haven’t the skills for awesome, so if we are both correct, we can expect horrible. When the one I should be working on started congealing, the back of the envelope guestimates showed that a) I was going to ruin it b) I’m out of my mind. I’m sick of starting things and never finishing.

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