Track of the Apocalypse Ch7 Ficbit – Hot Tea

They’re so cold!

Kajika wrapped warmed cloth all around Hozumi, making sure to pull dark folds forward in a hood to cover any trace of red veins in ice-pale skin. Ikoma was conscious enough to wrap his own towels, thank goodness. She only hoped none of O’Neill’s team had gotten a glimpse of the blood.

They shouldn’t have, they’re across the cabin, Kibito made sure they huddled away from the door. We want jet bullets to hold this hatch, not just knockback.

As Kurusu was doing right now, firing out a slit near the hatch to clear the last hitchhikers who’d latched onto the ladder after Ikoma.

Kajika held her breath a moment, and deliberately breathed out. Kabaneri healed fast. As long as they could keep the bites out of sight a few hours, it’d be easy to explain away any blood as from the horde-

Kibito caught her as the Koutetsujou surged backward. “Sit down!”

Not like she had much choice; Yukina had the hayajiro picking up speed, and the next part of the plan made Kajika want to hide. “But they need-” Don’t say it! “Help.” Because they were so cold. And Hozumi was still coughing up a little water, and not really awake… and when Ikoma had been not-awake….

Kibito glanced over them both, with a raised brow that said the veins weren’t nearly as visible as she was afraid they might be. “Ikoma?”

“I’m okay,” Ikoma got out faintly. “Just… tired.”

“Hot tea,” Kibito suggested, as the Koutetsujou hit a slight bump, and kept accelerating backward. “Lots of honey.”

16 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Ch7 Ficbit – Hot Tea

  1. Backward? why is the Kotetsujou going backward? Were the C4 charges not enough to blow the car in half and now they have to retreat back to a switch for a new route or come up with a new plan?

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      1. Going forward as far as possible (while still being reasonably clear of blast/shrapnel radius) would have been ideal initially (less distance to get to the wreck, and then get BACK to safety, while also having all the fire support as close as possible to improve accuracy) but that simultaneously would make picking up enough speed to reliably get through the remaining wreckage difficult, so yep reversing to be able to pick up more speed would make sense (and got to love a run on sentence that long, but meh).

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      2. /Besides. It’s not Kabaneri without Dramatic Doomtrain Awesome!/
        Which will no doubt include Yukina pulling the closest SFW female impersonation of Major Armstrong in the process of releasing the Engine’s pressure limits.

        Jack: “Note to self: get this girl into some arm-wrestling matches with the troops back home. We’ll make bank.”

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      3. /Their faces when they realize the conductor is a teenage girl, should be spectacular./
        Though ages/appearance in Kabaneri can be rather misleading if one goes by the art style. I mean Kurusu is supposed to be the same age as Ikoma at 17, Kibito is supposed to be 19 and let’s not even get into Mumei. At least Kajika and more or less appear similar in design/build to what their ages are (though I can’t find how old Kajika is supposed to be).

        I wouldn’t be surprised if SG1 thought she was older then she actually is; well until she mentions she was just an apprentice before all this.

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    1. Or pull the red banding from the bamboo tube so it doesn’t look different, and ply everyone with hot tea, lukewarm tubes of water, and the stealthed blood tubes for the kabaneri. Nothing different to see here, no sir.

      …then make sure to get the banding back on the right tubes. Can’t just toss them, they don’t really have the luxury of wasting useable material.

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