Track of the Apocalypse Chapter 7 up on AO3

Track of the Apocalypse Chapter 7, “Eye of the Storm”, is up on Archive of Our Own.

Note, due to RL and Murphy double-teaming me for months, culminating in the past (*dry tone*) spectacular week, I’m only a few pages into chapter 8. I finally got some more written last night after a whole week of being Too Busy To Even Sketch Ideas – trust me, that’s bad. And even that bit is going to need a piece cut, pasted, rewritten to fit better into the overall chapter and story….

Ahem. Point being, it’s going to take me a while to write 8. Hopefully not as long as 7, but I’ll have to post other things in the meantime. You may get some odd and random review and worldbuilding posts. 😉 And possibly bits of the rest of “Not a Princess” so far – I have the first chapter of that done, just barely started the second.

Outside of that I freely admit I’m trying to catch up on at least 6 months of not enough sleep. *Thump.* Let’s just say, when you’re looking forward to doing paperwork at the DMV because it’ll be one of the simpler things you’ve tackled in the past week….

And then there’s NaNoWriMo coming. I’m sketching out bits of an Idea for that. “Nothing Good Happens After Midnight.” Where Midnight was an online game that some people survived, and thought it was over….

20 thoughts on “Track of the Apocalypse Chapter 7 up on AO3

  1. Well the next chapter should be interesting. Because as Kajika noted, Hozumi is in more or less the same condition that Ikoma was after he tried the soup back in ‘Sweeten’. And her Kabane (for lack of a better term) hasn’t had the ‘upbringing’ Ikoma’s has until recently. Fortunately Ikoma is there to sit on her as needed until they pour some honey water and blood into her system.

    And on a side note, I suspect that the Koutetsujou’s prow is going to need some TLC after this. Ramming an entire Hayajiro car off the tracks is probably a little beyond what it was designed for.

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  2. /“Nothing Good Happens After Midnight.” Where Midnight was an online game that some people survived, and thought it was over…./
    “Right, who are the Leeroys that A: left rations lying around for the little furballs to eat after midnight and B: used water-based attacks on the resulting gremlins? You know what, never mind. Get the AoE boys on the horn; we’re nuking this place down to the bedrock.”

    “The boys and blue and the mayor aren’t going to be very happy about about us atomizing City Hall guildmaster.”

    “Better them getting pissed about the unexpected urban renewal then a self-replicating swarm of murderous monsters overrunning the town.”

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      1. -Thinks about the various MMOs and other game systems out there-
        Are the eldritch abominations what the players have become or the gribbles they’re now fighting IRL?

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  3. Um. Okay. So… uh… Vathara, how willing would you be to post/send to those interested an address for care package stuff? Because we can’t make Murphy take a break, but we can try to put ice packs on the bruises. 🙂

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    1. 🙂 I think we’ve got the major problem handled. (I think.) Got vehicles officially transferred/sold today, which was the other big thing I was worried about; there are more things we’ll have to arrange or sell off, but we can take more time doing those.

      (Will be my first time getting my own car insurance. Yay, fun times… oh boy.)

      Going to take a week or so to finish getting over the crud I caught from the strain of the emergency, and then… going to start looking for an actual job.

      That and NaNo, hopefully.

      I’m also hoping to write more books – lots more! – and sell them. One way or another I’m going to piece together an income.

      …I honestly have no idea what a care package would do, depending on how things fall out I may need to move in a few months.

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      1. Hoo girl… that sounds like your personal life has been turned upside down.

        Hugs from Central Europe, and all the best and Godspeed for the coming chapter of your life.

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  4. /The abominations are what set up the game in the first place. Or were inadvertently summoned by the programmers. Or both. I’ll figure it out…./
    ….Damn you brain. Damn you to heck and back.

    In many timelines Kayaba Akihiko dreams of a castle in the sky and acts to bring said dream to life. Here he dreams of a pale moon shining over a city beset by beasts of every form. And in that dream, something looks back at him.

    Welcome to Bloodborne Online.

    AKA Kirito and co didn’t get nearly enough trauma in canon so we’re cranking things up to 11.

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  5. Damn it all, the steamsmith was paying attention to his sword lessons.

    It can be so confusing to be both pleased and annoyed at the same time.

    Which will try harder to kill us? The Kabane – or the storm?

    Probably going to be about even.

    He did not bet with Murphy.

    No but you have got to learn to stop giving it ideas or tempting it with ideas.

    Especially since Murphy has a habit of taking your suggestions and dialing them up to 11.

    If you say something like “Could be worse. Could be raining”, you get hurricanes. Most people only get a thunderstorm, at worse, tossed at them by Murphy for that kind of remark.

    “It’s not a sandstorm, Daniel!”

    Daniel is lucky he’s with people who know hurricanes/typhoons. A lot people who aren’t familiar with hurricanes think the calm of the eye means the storm is over . . . if they are lucky, like someone warns them or they notice something’s wrong, they manage to get back to shelter in time . . . if they are unlucky . . . well, let’s just say the odds aren’t favorable for them.

    We’re actually going to-?”


    Wouldn’t be a day in SG-1 without all aspects of the plan have some element of crazy.

    Have the feeling that if any of the survivors from the capital didn’t already think that Aragane and hayajiro crew were crazy have changed their minds.

    Might be interesting in the aftermath to see what SG-1 has noticed about certain locals.

    Where Midnight was an online game that some people survived, and thought it was over…

    Going to guess that they are wrong. Very, very wrong.

    Probably because something found them interesting . . . and these aren’t the kind of somethings you want thinking of you as interesting . . .

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  6. I’d love to read a “the game came back with the players” type of novel from you. One of the things that I love about your SAO fics is that the player community feels like the player community I interact with in actual MMOs. It doesn’t feel like the stereotypes of what people think MMO players are like. Which is a breath of fresh air.

    Good luck on NaNoWriMo!

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