Earring Tales: Cherry Razzle

Was aiming for more Valentine’s colors, but too late for the holiday.

Cherry Swirl5

It’s very cherry, I think?

Comments, suggestions? I thought the semi-matte silver-lined, color-lined, and transparent matte would have enough contrast between them, but now I’m not sure.

Cherry Razzle earrings.


2 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Cherry Razzle

  1. Pretty, though I think you’re right that the two darker reds are a bit close to distinguish at first glance. It would be interesting to see the red matte bracketed on both sides with the shiny ones and if that gives a subtle shadow effect. Something else you could do is make the top and bottom zig-zags that are shaped like hearts all in the shiny ones… Or even the center column of zig-zags in contrasting colors to show up as hearts, but I don’t know how difficult it would be to adjust the pattern.

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