Sand Traps, the Ecosystem Way

Have some RL sand traps.

I’m pretty sure these are ant lion pits. I haven’t gone digging to find out, don’t want to disturb the bugs.

You see them in very specific areas under the eaves; close enough in that they’re not dripped on, where it’s sandy with nothing growing there. They aren’t anywhere else.

Experimental tiny pic: Spanish needle seeds!

I think this one came out better, but it’s going to take more practice before I can consistently get foreground focus on small things.

Like a wood sorrel.

And a palm leaf, the angles looked interesting.

7 thoughts on “Sand Traps, the Ecosystem Way

  1. Oooh, so that is what wood sorrel looks like. Rather like heather, I’ve read about them as area descriptions and didn’t have a mental image to go with them. (thinking of heather because the Spotlight image on my desktop is using it. It’s like purple fog!)

    Yes, those look like ant lion pits to me, too.

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  2. Not to be confused with the *other* real life sandtraps, which are part of carwash drainage systems designed to catch sand, dirt, oil and other filth from cars.


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