Earring Tales: Sunlit Snow

I made these before we moved, but didn’t have time to take and edit photos until after we got at least a little unpacked.

Get the right angle and the sunlight really refracts off the beads!

I was trying for just a blue combination – the beads in the diamonds are actually light silk blue, not white. But looking at the whole thing put together, it reminded me of a January morning. Where the snow fell last night, the sun came up into a clear sky, and it’s shining off the snow and turning ice on the trees to gold.

Sunlit Snow earrings.

14 thoughts on “Earring Tales: Sunlit Snow

    1. I wonder if you could put a mirror in your shadowbox on the shadowy side, to direct light where you’re getting shadows now? You wouldn’t have to let that “mirror wall” show in your picture. And heck, even a white wall might bounce a lot of light back. (And if you’re not using a shadowbox, you’ve probably got a lot of boxes right now that you could use for the purpose.)

      Maybe shadowbox isn’t the word? But the box thing that people put stuff into, so they can take pictures of it and control the light levels.

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    1. I think that’s actually a Japanese phone game? And I wish I knew more than the bare character names that turned up on a Reddit, it’s implied Kaname is a Kabaneri but became one in a different way from either Ikoma or Mumei. Bunnies want to know!

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      1. Ack! I’ll see if I can turn anything up, but that is something I want to know, too! Phone game, probably only available in Japan – ugh, that means it’s like Zoids: Field of Rebellion. It’s not available stateside. Darn….😩

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      2. I put out a couple of requests; maybe I’ll get lucky. In the meantime, there’s a wiki to watch. And possibly a tropes page to keep an eye, not to mention Reddit. But based on the video, I’m going to venture a guess that Ikoma and Co. taught at least two other hayajiro crews to kill Kabane at some point in the six month interval between the season one finale and Battle of Unato. And that… Would actually explain some of their behavior in the movie, as well as the improvement in their equipment and skills.

        FYI, “Sweeten the Bitter Dregs” and “Track of the Apocalypse” turned up when I went searching for the game by its English title. 😉

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  1. *curses late hour for diminished writing capacity in previous comment* I was also trying to say that I’m impressed that your fanfic chapters are among the top ten, top fifteen items a search engine pinpoints when someone looks for “Kabaneri.” I’m accustomed to seeing several fan sites talking about the same subject appear on the list, but “Kabaneri” doesn’t seem to have too many people actively vouching for it. The fact that your posts about the series are among the first to pop up is really neat, and I thought you’d like to know how far they’ve gone and how well they’ve done. 🙂

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      1. *G* They really do. It’s a good story.

        Well, I found an English review of the Kabaneri game. Sadly, the reviewer doesn’t touch on the story, just the gameplay. But one of the guys in the comments says the game does really well at building off of the original story. He doesn’t have any videos on his channel about Kabaneri, but there might be a way to contact him and learn some details. The video and his comment on it are here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zYDDjkb0_qY

        I’m going to keep poking around, but it seemed like a good lead to suggest. I hope it helps, anyway! 🙃

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