Worldbuilding Bit: Sword of Stranger than Fiction

Oh, wow. Really. Wow.

Star sword.

From the notes on Wikipedia:

“Chilseonggeom (칠성검; 七星劍): The name of this sword translates as “seven star sword” and it could be either single-edged or double-edged. It is primarily known for its use by Buddhist practitioners. Almost all of these swords had constellation engravings on the blades (usually the Big Dipper, although depiction of any 7 star cluster isn’t uncommon).”

This is the kind of thing that could turn up in a fantasy movie and people would think it was made up….

Other than that, have been wrestling with taxes. Have not maimed anyone. Music helps calm a body down, so… some vid links!

Demon Slayer [AMV]- Alan Walker&Ava Max-Alone,Pt.2

Something Just Like This FT. Doctor Strange | Avengers

[Engsub] Without You | Fight Scenes | Scholar Who Walks the Night 밤을 걷는 선비

Sabaton 82nd all the way AMV Uchuu senkan yamato

Encanto ~ Hips Don’t Lie

10 thoughts on “Worldbuilding Bit: Sword of Stranger than Fiction

  1. I can attest that music does help. Especially when you have to calm down and *do* something. On the other hand, for me at least, it has to be the right kind of music. Calm music when my brain wants to go in three directions at once just makes things worse, for example.

    Out of curiosity, do you look for videos more for the music itself, or the pretty visuals? Because I can understand both ways, but a lot of the time I’m more audio based, myself.

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