Short Stray Thought on Isekai

Yesterday was cold and exhausting,  so… a couple stray thoughts.

Mary’s living in an isekai, a la Death March or any slice-of-life style. Bad Things may happen at the start of the story, but afterwards….

Jason’s living in a portal fantasy, more sober and much more hazardous to the protagonist, along the lines of Witch World.

Lee Cheong is living in a Dramatic! action/adventure that ambushed him with Found Family.

Kwan Ha-neul is living in a romantic comedy with firearms and monsters.

Jue Chin-sun is living the classic Heroine Proves Her Worth.

And Chae is just reading the whole library. Amused.

Now to go work on a Christmas present….

10 thoughts on “Short Stray Thought on Isekai

    1. Master Yaow is living the good life with lots of well trained (well, a few still need lessons on correct procedure) human servants to fulfill his every need.

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  1. “Sometimes I feel like I’m in a Romance novel.”

    “Really? It feels more like a Horror novel to me.”

    “If you don’t shut up it will be a Murder Mystery.”

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