Monstrous Compendium Ch7 bit – Girl Talk

“About time!” Lisbeth put down her hammer, watching one of her favorite customers try to sneak in. “I heard you were finally up and around. Swords don’t maintain themselves, you know!”

“I had… things to think about.” Asuna braced herself, and stepped up to the counter. Opening her inventory, she materialized a few piles of odd mats.

Cockatrice Feathers. Lisbeth pursed her lips in a silent whistle, thinking of a few recipes she was finally going to get to try. Terrorantula Carapace. And – Tiger’s Milk? She poked the odd bottle out. “I haven’t seen this in any recipes.”

“I don’t know what it might do if you tried to forge it,” Asuna confessed. “Though if you were trying to make a magical item that tied people together….” She trailed off, a little red.

Lisbeth sniffed, snowy whiskers flaring in suspicion. “You found a guy!”

“What? No!” Asuna waved her hands wildly, turning redder. “There’s no guy! Just a – a solo I like to party with… to fight with! That’s all!”

Lisbeth snickered, watching her friend’s mouth dig her in deeper. “You know what they say. The best part about fighting is making up….”


Boy, your home must have been a serious no fun zone. Lisbeth sighed. “Okay, okay….” She gave Asuna a sidelong glance. “But he is cute, right?”

“N-no, not at all,” Asuna stammered. “He’s more kind of… scruffy-looking.” Her ears were still red. “Especially when he has cockatrice chicks scrambling all over him.”

“…What?” Lisbeth managed.


34 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch7 bit – Girl Talk

    1. Dammit, *I* was going to make a “You know how princesses are about scruffy-looking nerf — er, cockatricer herders” joke!
      Beaten to the punch, again. I need to F5 more often….

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  1. >
    watching one of her favorite customers try to sneak in.
    Either Liz is good at spotting people or Asuna needs remedial sneaking lessons.

    Lisbeth sniffed, snowy whiskers flaring in suspicion. “You found a guy!”
    Looks like she got adopted. Feline of some sort is my guess.

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      1. >
        Snow leopard.
        I would think that a Youkai based on a species that is adapted for cold mountainous regions wouldn’t be the best match for somebody that works in a hot forge all day.

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    1. *back to the door* “Good evening, Charlie.”
      “How’d you know it was me?”
      “Only two people can open a door so sadly, you and Gordon. Since Gordon is in LA, that leaves only you.”

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    1. >
      i want a ‘girls night out’ snippet-with asuna, lizbeth, argo and tae…
      Argo: “…..And that’s why everything is in ruins and we went up three levels sa.”

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      1. In hindsight, it all started when Heathcliff decided Asuna needed the vacation.

        “Come on Asuna, you’ve been wearing yourself to the bone. I can handle the things you’ve been doing for a little while. It’ll be fine.”

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      2. >
        Kirito: “And that’s when I should have first suspected Heathcliff. No human player would Taunt Murphy so blatantly.”
        Klein: “You aren’t including the fact that he had a literal ton of the guild’s assets converted into gold coins, pilled them in a huge mound and proceeded to dive around in it like a porpoise, burrow through it like a gopher and toss them up and let the coins hit him on the head?”

        Kirito: “Well…….that behavior isn’t something solely confined to pureblood dragons….”
        -Asuna is glaring at Kirito-

        Klein: “Wait a minute, didn’t you two lovebirds lay claim a literal treasure cave full of gold a couple of days ago?”
        -Asuna is now glaring at Klein, and beet red-

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      3. Heathcliff: “Come on, what’s the worst that can happen?”

        KayabaKonsole# Spawn.Tarrasque.SpringofDrownedCthulhuRidingaBolo

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      4. The “Girl’s Night Out” and “Nerf- err. Cockatrice Chicks-herder” sections of the comments are their own CMOFs.

        … and Asuna is absolutely adorkable 🙂
        But Lisbeth’s “No Fun Zone” thought is just *ouch*, based on what has already been revealed.

        When do we finally see the whole chapter? This one promises to be a fun ride between hilarious, heartwarming, horrifying, cute and Kirito’s unique flavor of awesome, this time more on the analytical side, and not monster-stomping.

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      5. I might not expect to see seven up until we are three to six snippets into eight.

        (Not based on any sort of statistical analysis, just conservative estimate based on impressions.)

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      6. I thought you already posted six. Are you talking about a second half, or have you been under more stress than we thought?


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