Sweeten Ch4 bit – Warning

Quiet murmurs rippled through the car. Ikoma looked up as Kurusu let go, watching Uryuu and Eishun walk down the car toward them.

A little less swagger, Ikoma thought. Maybe they’re starting to believe that we’re not going to kill them.

Uryuu scanned the car to double-check who was and wasn’t there, then nodded at Kurusu. “You’re going to get trouble from Kongokaku in a few days.”

Oh, that’s not ominous, Ikoma thought, straightening away from the wall.

But that was Uryuu being blunt, not threatening. And apparently Kurusu was willing to take it that way. “Why?” the samurai asked calmly.

“’Cause in about two days this track’s going to take us through Keishi,” Uryuu stated. “And maybe border stations like Aragane don’t know that name, but I guarantee you some of those bastard nobles from Kongokaku do.”

“Keishi….” Kibito frowned. “The old temple city?”

Ikoma let out a slow breath. “It’s one of the first places the Kabane appeared in Hi-no-moto. I don’t know if it’s the first. There weren’t a lot of survivors.” At Uryuu’s startled look, he shrugged. “I’ve looked for everything I could find on the Kabane. Where they came from. What they’re vulnerable to. What we don’t know. Some of the oldest reports I could find came from crazy Keishi survivors. They’re… not easy to read.”


15 thoughts on “Sweeten Ch4 bit – Warning

  1. Keishi… is that supposed to be Kyoto? Ouch. Hmm…. maybe they could just not tell the Kongoukaku civilians where they’re going? I don’t recall they Hayajiro having much by the way of windows and I doubt they look out much. Too scared of Kabane. What they never find out can’t cause a riot… of course, knowing Murphy the idiots would find out at the worst possible time, so maybe not.

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  2. And they might want to stop, look for other suplies. A city should have lot of leftovers. Given it will not be infested by Kabane. But it shouldn’t be, Kabane would wander after living people. Deserted city doesn’t have much humans to munch on.
    Of course, this all could just set Kongoukaku off to riot.

    And I want to see Uryuu on their meetings. Kongoukaku will love that bluntess. From Hunter. XD

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    1. In the first episode, the abandoned station was swarming with Kabane. The walls might have helped keep them in one place, granted. But possibly a big, well fed horde is inclined to bed down and hibernate until something wakes them.

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      1. True. But like ‘Queen said, twenty years is a lot. And if it’s possible for Kabane to hibernate for several decades… It takes hunred years to get rid of them! Even with Kabaneri, jet bullets and people willing to fight. After all, how long would it take to search every nook and cranny for a sleeping zombies?!

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      1. You know, I keep thinking about it. Even if Kabane didn’t come from the ‘Gate. Getting rid of only way of zombie-filled planet is strategic… AND if there’ll be SG crossover. Unprepared in middle of city with zombie apocalipse. Ouch much.

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