Brief Taka update – working on the proof

I have the proof copy of Count Taka in hand, and I’m about halfway through checking it over. Hoping to finish that this weekend.

I’m not sure where I ran across it, but someone did a study where they determined that the amount of errors you find on a computer screen is only about 40% of the amount you find in a printed hardcopy. The computer screen, and having to page up and down, is apparently that distracting. Which is one reason I always print a draft to look at for revisions!

Even so, there are things you can see in a proof copy that you don’t see even on printed manuscript pages, just due to the shift from an 8×11″ sheet to a 6×9″ book. The paragraphs shift from what you were used to seeing before, and various word choices can stand out at you that seemed just fine before. Oy.

I’d estimate I’ve found something small to edit about… every 4 pages or so. Mostly it’s a word choice or two.

But so far, nothing really glaringly wrong. Just nitpicks. Whew!


4 thoughts on “Brief Taka update – working on the proof

    1. I’d recommend it; it’ll run you about $10 from Createspace (shipping included), and I consider that money well spent to find little errors like “somehow, 3 spaces crept in between these 2 words. Argh.”

      Good luck! 🙂


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