Monstrous Compendium Ch7 bit – Treasure

“You’re missing the real treasure,” Kirito murmured behind her. “Look down.”

Blinking, Asuna did. And started, stifling her gasp with a quick hand.

On the shore of the pool, cupping a handful of water and tadpoles, was a small, dark-haired girl in a white dress, black snakes curling up from long hair.

Galifar thinks all the mortal medusas are dead.

Evidently, the Five Nations had missed one.

So small, Asuna thought. She can’t be more than nine. Which means….

“She hatched out after the Night of Shattered Stone,” Kirito said softly, confirming her guess. “Vincent brought her out of Breland a few months ago. Human wizards had her. They… weren’t gentle.” Like a shadow, he drifted into nearby greenery. “I’ll just stay over here. I could use a few more herbs.”

Asuna blinked at him, taking in the garden around them while the medusa nestling stared at her. She could spot half a dozen mystical components in as many breaths, and magic was warm as sunlight against her skin. “Is this a manifest zone?” She wasn’t going to walk any nearer to Yui. Not until the nestling had time to decide she was not a threat.

“In fact, it is two.” Stheno looked pleased at the question, as she gestured toward the Jade Vine. “Within the pool, there’s a light touch of Irian, the Endless Day. It nurtures the vine, and the Bloodstones, and bolsters my own enchantments at need.” One hand swept out, encompassing the rest of the garden. “Outside of the pool is the strength of Lamannia, the Twilight Forest. Which is good for my plants and my flock. Youkai hands tame them both to our advantage; Lamannia’s power ensures they never become too tame.” She knelt by the nestling, who’d carefully let tadpoles slip back into the water before she hid behind emerald skirts. “Yui? This is Asuna. Would you like to say hello?”

7 thoughts on “Monstrous Compendium Ch7 bit – Treasure

  1. 1. Now I have matched Yui to Cirno somehow.
    2. Does SAO do treasure for XP? Does this count? 🙂
    3. Feels are nice.
    4. I’m anticipating what could happen next in the story generally, in the medium/long term.

    Sleep is good, relaxing from tension is good.

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  2. Cute . . . fluff is always needed after big fights . . . and the telling of dangerous secrets. Cause my gut says that their piercing together of Kayaba’s Cunning Plan – or at least part of it, he’s the wheels within wheels type – is not exactly safe information to have.

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